Thursday, 29 December 2011

•With the need to diet in order to fit in to pretty much everything I own right now that doesn't have an elasticated waist (chav chic is back and I swear to God I've grown another bum this month), I was grateful to receive at least one gift I could wear everyday without the worry of it being too snug... My new lovely, shiny, pretty Michael Kors Chonograph bracelet watch.

I'd wanted a watch for quite some time so was silly excited to unwrap this on my Birthday and have to thank my amazing girly friends for taking on my subtle hints and choosing the most perfect timepiece for me ;) I'd have posted about it sooner but it needed at least 4 links taking out and now that I've got it back from the jewellers, I never plan on taking it off! Usually I live in my digital Casio or my dainty antique gold watch but this is the first day time piece I will have owned so I can't wait to get lots of wear out of it!xoxo

•Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have fattened up nicely! Now that I'm done unwrapping gifts, watching festive films with the family, eating turkey/chocolate for breakfast/lunch/dinner and drinking copious amounts, I'm back on the radar and ready to share in on what Santa brought me!

I think I may have hinted aplenty this year, as I got lots of things that I was after and then some :) Firstly, my addiction and obsession with nail polish has definitely been outed!!! I got 6 bottles this year, a record if I do say so myself! Must say my favourite of all was NARS 'Space Odyssey' from their Holiday 2011 Collection which looked gorgeous and glossy on for 4 days straight however it took about 15 minutes to get it off which seriously frustrated me! I've found this with all metallic polishes including the Topshop polish in 'Phenomena' that I posted about previously, so what do they put in the stuff that makes it so impossible to remove?!

I've now painted on a lovely shade of plum by OPI called 'We'll Always Have Paris' from my lovely boyfriend which you can see below! I'm forever going to be a fan of OPI for their chip resistant and hard wearing polishes in classic and seasonal colours and also praise their ProWide Brush which makes application a piece of pie. What do you all think of the colour?! Plum is so versatile and timeless, I'm planning on wearing it on NYE even though I'm totally clueless on outfit choice at the mo - Oww well, at least I can rely on something!xoxo

Friday, 23 December 2011

•I woke up this morning to a bundle of emails re Christmas sales and knew it would be a productive day of online shopping at work due to it being somewhat dead (understatement) in the office. If like I, you're sat at your desk wondering why the hell you didn't book this day off as annual leave, you must check out my fave retailer site for winter sales: Urban Outfitters. Unlike lots of other retailers, I've always been a little more excited when UO have a sale because it's not just their junk or last season's unwanted pieces that they slash the prices on. It's the gooooooood stuff.

I made this dark pink Le Mont St. Michel velvet skirt and the See by Chloe jumper dress mine mine mine this morning, and had they not been in the sale I would have (actually probably wouldn't have) paid £384 for them. So as usual, having nabbed two bargains for just £160 from the Boutique section of the site, I feel oh so smug and happy with my purchases :)

Velvet mini @ Urban Outfitters £60 was £150
Gathered arm jumper dress @ Urban Outfitters £100 was £234

This is my last post before Christmas as tomorrow is my birthday and I plan to be drunky drunk drunk all day. Thank you all for reading and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and get all you wished for and more!xoxo

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

•It's the final Wishlist Wednesday before Christmas and just in case God Santa is looking down at me thinking I've been a very good girl this year, I've put together a no expense spared wishlist only somebody as giving as the man himself could deliver. Ladies, I give you the Louis Vuitton SS12 backpack... Hell I'm not even sure it's in production or for sale and for how much but I just know I love it. With it's heritage meets modern look, mixed monochrome tone leathers and fine detailing, I predict that it will hands down be one of next season's must have items. I'm really trying not to care that impracticality comes in to play due to size by the way (I live my life out of my v large handbag) - Just give it to me now!!!

In case you all wondered, I'm still obsessed with anything metallic. Love love this silk and leather Gucci dress, the kind of purchase I'd spend a month's wage on but regret ever after due to only being able to afford Pot Noodles for tea. Time to question my life for sure.

And finally: Hello lovely, suedey, snakey Sam Edelman peep toe ankle boots on sale for £154 at Seriously, even somebody unmagical can afford these right now. I think I've gifted myself enough this month so over to you... Someone, anyone!?xo

Sam Edelman Black Sahar Boots @ £154
Louis Vuitton Backpack - Santa shouldn't mind how much
Gucci Two Tone Dress @ £1,260 (ouch)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

•It goes without saying I'm a lover of a pretty clutch and my collection seems to be ever growing, so while gossipping over my hair extensions consultation about discovering new brands with a lovely extension specialist named Asya recently she introduced me to Jocasi - A brand founded in 2003 which artfully produces ethically sourced leather and snakeskin luxury bags from Indonesia at fair prices, and can be found stocked in boutiques such as The Dressing Room (and previously Topshop, Selfridges and Harrods).

Since my introduction I've been hooked to say the least and having been back and forth on the site ummmming and arrrring I made my first purchase yesterday in the shape of the Drama Python Clutch below (if it's anything like Asya's purchase I'm soo excited to examine the perfect stitching, chunky zip detailing and stroke the super soft material!). Luckily for me (and you) the lovely people at Jocasi have decided to share some Christmas love and have created the exclusive code: GSFASHION for a cheeky discount and free delivery for orders placed before 20th December. This will be the perfect present should you be stuck on ideas for others but alternatively (and far more importantly), it will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe ;) xoxo
Drama Python Clutch in Black £125 @ Jocasi
Whilst I'm on the subject of hair extensions I have to point you towards Hair Extensions by Asya. I've wanted long locks since my mum had my own long hair chopped off when I was 9 (childhood trauma much?!) but I've never quite built up the courage until now. Asya has over 10 years experience and made me feel both comfortable and confident with my decision to finally go for a change! Book in for a consultation now by contacting xoxo

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

•Crazy as this may seem, my Wishlist Wednesday revolves entirely around the summer this week. Either I'm in denial over sub zero temperatures or I've lost my freaking mind. Probably a little of both. I signed in to to seek out some last minute gift inspiration (for Christmas ironically) and couldn't help having a look through the 'Cruise' SS mag feature - BIG FAT MISTAKE - I'm pretty much verging on suicidal over the fact that I'm months away from even being able to think about anything from bikinis to sandals, pub gardens to ice cream, big sunglasses to Hawaiian Tropic and everything in between.

I do love this time of year, but I love summer way more. So I'm packing a little virtual suitcase in my mind already and filling it with everything I'm wishing on for next summer, starting right here with the Mara Hoffman printed bikini. I love everything about it; the stand out style, the bright mesmeric colours and print, the feminine cut and the cute lace up sides. Silly expensive at £210 but beautiful all the same, I hope the high street throws up something similar when the season eventually changes!xoxo

Red Valentino sandals @
Mara Hoffman Bikini @ £210
Anya Hindmarch Printed Canvas Shopper @ £165

Sunday, 11 December 2011

•Since fashion on a whole seems to get braver and bolder season upon season (hello, obsession with lingerie as outerwear!) it's no surprise that mock suspender tights have been growing in popularity over the last year or so. The first pair I remember setting my heart on were by House of Holland for Pretty Polly and I vaguely remember searching the depth and breadth of Oxford St to locate a pair (eventually found in stockist River Island) to wear under leather shorts and a blue plaid shirt to a party.

The aim of the game is to add a little edge, glamour and flirt to an outfit that a pair of opaques just aren't capable of, and whilst they give the illusion that you've braved stockings and suspenders you're very much in the comfort of tights. I have a few pairs of patterned tights though my HOH mock suspenders are still in favour, especially considering the fact that they're still going strong after so much wear! Here are a selection of my current faves from the high street (minus Wolford which is definitely not a high street price, but all the same, they are gorgeous!) xoxo

1. Jonathan Aston Tuxedo Bow Tights @ House of Fraser £14
2. HOH Pearly Suspender Tights @ Pretty Polly £25
3. Wolford Brilliant Lace Up Tights @ £120
4. Pamela Mann Over The Knee Stripe Tights @ £9

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

•Now that it's gotten to December, I can't help but turn my Wishlist Wednesdays in to lists for what I'm lusting over before Christmas. There's no doubt that I have no room for clothes in my life at the moment however accessories and shoes, I welcome at all times! To be honest despite the fact I've asked for masses, the 2 things I'd like the most are a nice pair of pyjamas and some heated curlers. Rock and roll?!
Here's a few more things I'm pushing on my family/boyfriend/friends, just in case they don't know what I like ;)
'Jolly' boots by Rachel Bilson @ ShoeMint $79.99
Red Messenger bag @ forever21 $28
Metallic panel tee @ River Island £25
Sabrina Dehoff Swarovski Bracelet @£170

Love these boots designed by Rachel Bilson for ShoeMint, they remind me of Charlotte Olympia and are timeless in both style and print. I've also been attempting to find a pair I like by Cheryl Cole for since their launch this week but I'm failing miserably, does anybody else think they verge on looking a little cheap!? Hmm...x

Sunday, 4 December 2011

•If there's anything I can honestly say I hoard, it's nail polish. I have A LOT. From the higher quality brands like OPI and Essie to the Barry M's and the Rimmel's (Coralicious Dry in 60 Secs = all time fave); unless a polish happens to be drying out or verging on empty I never ever get rid... Until this weekend!

I have just had a mammoth clear out (possibly the biggest in years) and I filled 2 bin bags of clothes to give to charity as well as a bag of old polishes and make up bits to throw. As with everything, it's always nice to have a replacement when it's time to be out with the old, so I popped in to Topshop today and this deep metallic khaki called 'Phenomena' was sat looking pretty on the make-up counter as if it was waiting for me!

Unlike the other metallics I've seen its very rich in colour and the tones verge between gold and green which I love. Also, the quality is amazing! I was so impressed that it just about needed 2 coats and if I were rushing, which I always annoyingly seem to be when I paint my nails, I could've gotten away with just one coat. The polish has dried really nicely (within a few minutes too) and has a lovely shine despite no top coat so for £6 I'm one happy girly.

There are lots of lovely shades out right now, and being such a fan of metallic polishes I'll more than likely head to Topshop to fill my lust for them as I now know just how high quality they are! Here are 5 of my favourite polishes at the moment:

Rainbow Connection by OPI
Eyes Of Steel by Topshop
Aruba Blue by Essie
Gatwick Matte by Nails Inc
Scoundrel by Butter London

Thursday, 1 December 2011

•Yesterday was payday and a little like clock work, I happened to order everything on ASOS that I had set my heart on within literally minutes of my wages reaching my bank account. I was so excited to see the courier arrive this morning I think I eeeped in his face but I'm really happy with all my bits! I didn't order any of the items with outfits in mind to be honest and I've kinda worked through my wardrobe and styled things a little aimlessly but I'm really happy to have got some versatile pieces to wear through the winter.

First off - No alterations to the colour of this oversized jumper have been made at all. It really is that bright pink! It's lovely and snug and I wore a black shirt underneath with the collars peeping out. I'm spending Sunday with the boy shopping and lunching so I think I'll wear it out with some patent black loafers.

Secondly, I really love this leather pocket dress by River Island and had seen my best friend wear it before so I have her to thank for it :) I wore it with some heart print tights which I've had forever (can't recall where I got them from), a blue tartan print shirt from Topshop underneath and my loyal black boots. I have quite a small waist but a round bum (ha massive understatement) so the only thing I dislike about this is that it's roomy up top and needless to say fitted around my bum (definitely no bending over)!

Thirdly, I ordered this metallic tee from RI (on my Wednesday Wishlist this week) and woven thread skirt from Mango but never expected to wear them together (a little too much sparkle and shine maybe) however they just seem to work! The skirt is literally a masterpiece with silver/bronze/gold threads and pieces of wool sewn upon each other; it was featured in Stylist Magazine this week and it has sold out already on ASOS and Mango! I've decided to wear this outfit to my work Christmas party at Maddox on Regent St next week, probs blend in with the decorations and lights?!

Last but not least, I had to have both of these clutches. The turquoise envelope also came in pink and a few other colours and it feels gorgeous as does the horse studded clutch. They both actually look and feel a lot more expensive than they were, perhaps I'll pass them off for couture?! Overall I'm pleased with my splurge and can't wait to get in to everything! I just seriously hope nobody was expecting Christmas presents this year :P xoxo

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

•I've really been trying and failing to focus on the fact that December is literally a day away and that it's going to be an expensive month for me, however I'm failing miserably and it shows on this week's Wishlist Wednesday.

I'm absolutely in love with this tan suede Ava bag by Mulberry and if I was to only own one clutch for the rest of my life this beauty would be it! Of course the chain strap also means it can be worn as a shoulder bag which is basically all the more reason to buy it, or better: have it bought for me :)

Also on my wishlist is this neon pink skinny belt by YSL at Atelier Mayer; definitely one of those pieces that you can build around opposed to just adding it to an already structured outfit and a little bit of colour popping really does go a long away!

Finally, scalloped hemlines. Ever since Chloe featured the scalloped edge on everything from blazers to bikinis I've been a real fan of how dainty and less boxy a simple tee can become if the hems aren't all about straight lines. This River Island top (which is also feeding my metallic obsession) would look lovely tucked into the high waisted navy shorts by Miss Selfridge and make perfect for a night out. Add a measure of opaque tights, a pair of killer heels and obvs the Mulberry clutch, ta daaa!xoxo

Ava With Tree @ Mulberry £415
1980s Skinny Pink Belt by YSL @ Atelier Mayer £125
Metallic Tee @ River Island £30
Navy Tie Shorts @ Miss Selfridge £32

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

•Around this time of year, most girls (granted they are usually under the age of 10) make hopeful wishlists for Santa, seal them with a kiss and post them off to the North Pole with faith that they'll wake up on Christmas Day with lots of gifts to play with.

I, on the other hand, put together collages and stick them on the fridge so that even if the people around me try to ignore the fact that I have particular needs, they can't :)

I'm not just being greedy and it is also my 24th on Christmas Eve but the trauma of being ripped off on a yearly basis as a child with the whole 'here is one big present for your Birthday/Christmas' malark has clearly left me with issues (soz mum).

Alexander McQueen Scarf @ Liberty
Mini Saddle Bag @ ASOS
Paul & Joe Manhattan Lipstick in NYC @ ASOS
Michael Kors Bracelet Watch @ ASOS
Heart Shape Umbrella @
Flora by Gucci Perfume @ Harrods
Jewelled Skinny Belt @ Warehouse
NARS Nail Polish in Space Odyssey @ Liberty
Stud Slippers @ Topshop
Silver Feather Ring @ Thomas Sabo
Fabric Wrap Bangle @ River Island
Bordelle Lucia Underwear Set @
Leopard Print Make-Up Bag @ Reiss
From cute stocking fillers to presents that'll look beaute with a big bow on top when under my tree, this is my lust list :) Think the trick is to keep it simples with a price range and easy accessibility for everyone, and seriously how much more visual and clear can it be?! If somebody even thinks about buying me a stack of purple eyeshadows from Boots I'll die.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

•I woke up this morning, feeling as bright as a button and thought I'd make the most of a house to myself by turning up the music, dancing in my pants... And organising my wardrobe - ROCK AND ROLL.

I've been sat staring for a little while (1.5 hours) and my OCD is eating away at me over the fact that my leather jacket has ended up in the middle of the dresses, and that there's a stray cardigan by the skirts. Laziness on the other hand has got me in a trance and apart from turning the hangers so they all face the same way (this was making me seriously tetchy), I have done nothing but daydream.

I'd love to pluck the motivation from somewhere right now and get my colour coordinating on, but I've got a desire for shopping that needs seeing to and a top shelf in the wardrobe that looks like it could do with filling so I'm off in to town to buy myself more things to make a mess with :) Have a lovely weekend everyone! xo

Friday, 25 November 2011

•Recently, if it isn't leather or metallic I don't want to know (you've preeetty much seen one regular cut dress or knit cardie you've basically seen them all) so I was super excited to stumble across one item of each kind in H&M Covent Graden during my lunch break today.

The first item, this open back cardie with a silver wax finish felt lovely on (not stiff at all considering the wax), had a really nice shape and even better, it was only £24.99. I usually rely on my black tux jacket or my studded crop leather jacket to tie up my look, but now I'm feeling all festive I think I'll ditch the black and wear this with my dresses instead! I wanted to put the link in for you to all go nab this but it isn't anywhere to be found on the H&M site, sob sob x

Second item I picked up was this PU dress. I.LOVE.IT! I'm not too sure just when I'll wear it yet, but I think it'll look lovely with a little cardi, some Henry Holland tights and my biker boots at the weekend. Think I'll be in serious danger of looking a little too S&M if I wear it with bare legs and heels and only Rihanna can wangle that look. This dress was also £24.99, and here is the link :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

•Anybody that knows me will appreciate that I've wanted a piggy ring from FSAugusta for like, ever. So what with it being Christmas and my Birthday in December, I decided I needed to make Percy mine and took delivery of him today. Look at him!!! I'm typing this in bed, and despite the fact he's weighing me down somewhat, I can't bare to take him off... #needhelp.

Zinzi, the gorgeous girly behind the brand was amazing at guiding me in my choices to get my piggy just how I wanted him and I'm sure she's going to help me feed my addiction for years to come as I'm already feeling despo for the Dali ring (definitely not going to be able to lift my hands up to my face at this rate). I've mentioned before how much I love the fun, flirty and youthful yet indulgent jewellery by FSAugusta and now I have my very own piece of the Infamous Season collection, I see why the likes of Fearne Cotton, Ellie Goulding, Russell Brand and Rihanna are fans!

For more pics of my piggy and instant updates follow me on Twitter @grlseeksfashion
You can also follow Zinzi @FSAugusta and check them out here

Wool blended sweater by 3.1 Phillip Lim @ £345
Burgundy skinny jeans @ Topshop £38
Ballerina pumps by Carvela @ House of Fraser £85
Angel wings pendant by Kitson @ ASOS £16

•Ok, so the main item on my Wishlist Wednesday that I'm lusting after this week is the rather festive 3.1 Phillip Lim reindeer jumper above and even though I think I'd partly feel like Mark Darcy on Christmas Day when wearing it, I kinda don't care! In this instance only, I would gladly pay homage to such a babe. See here if you don't know who he is.. Shame on you if you don't!
I've spotted lots over the past week that I've wanted to put on actually, especially the burgundy skinnies which I think could become another new staple because I'm so bored of regular denim and it's such a good colour to wear this season (a real compliment to metallics and matte tones alike).

Right so one more post from me today and I'll get out of all of your hair for a few days, pinky swear! ;) xo

•I'm a great big massive huge fan of Alexander Wang and especially the Rocco handbag range, so am naturally over excited to see that they have reissued the beauty below solely for Opening Ceremony. The 'Diego' bucket bag has all the traits of classic Wang - pebbled leather, a slouchy structure and of course the signature aggro studs aligning the bottom. What's not to love?! The Dalmatian print is a first for Wang, and I'm feeling seriously Cruella De Vil just looking at it, if you've got the budget for this baby I'd consider getting your paws on it ASAP by clicking here (sharing is very much caring by the way...)

'Diego' bucket bag by Alexander Wang for Opening Ceremony
All images from Opening Ceremony

Sunday, 20 November 2011

•When it comes to the LBD, there is nothing quite as iconic in the history of styling and fashion, and there is nothing quite as faithful hanging in your wardrobe! I can't think of a single occasion that a well fitted, sleek little number couldn't lend it's hand to, so if you're in need of an investment piece see below for a selection of my favourites from ASOS... If you're not 'in need' as such, see below anyways, there's no doubt you'll find an excuse to wear one of these classic staples before the year is out ;) xo

Polka Dot Lace Panel Dress by Karen Millen @ ASOS £152
Embellished Neck Dress by Paprika @ ASOS £34
Ruffle Neck Smock Dress @ ASOS £55
Gloss sequin panel dress by Aqua @ ASOS £136
Long sleeve mini dress by French Connection @ ASOS £105

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

•There seems to be an abundance of shimmering sequins everywhere I look on the high street this week and the jewel and festive colours are beginning to indicate that Christmas is drawing closer as clearly as the twinkly fairy lights that hang from lampposts and the adverts for toys that dominate the television.

I love this time of year for the reason that every occasion seems to be that little more special and there are less excuses needed when opportunities to dress up arise. Personally, I wouldn't consider myself a 'dressing up' kinda girl so I've always looked at sequins, especially on dresses as OTT. The Topshop tee below is just the right amount of sparkle for me and comes on top of my Wednesday Wishlist!

I'd always choose to team something shiny with a matte material in order to tune the outfit down so I'd put this tee with a pair of matte black leather leggings or a pencil skirt/opaque tights combo and grab the feather Topshop bag to add a contradicting and less predictable edge! Have a feeling this outfit will be my saviour when I don't know what else to throw on!xo

Sequin tee by Topshop £45
Feather bag by Topshop £50
Marc by Marc Jacobs ring @ £40

P.S. The rose gold ring by Marc Jacobs, I need it in my Christmas stocking please somebody. How cute?!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Image from
 •Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are undoubtedly two of the most iconic young ladies in fashion at the moment and with their own labels 'Elizabeth and James' and 'The Row' fiercely picking up the pace and earning their kudos in the industry, its no surprise to see them on the front cover of Vogue's Best Dressed special edition issue this month. This is the first time the 25 year old twins have graced the cover of Vogue and judging by the buzz created around the shoot I'm one of those hoping it won't be the last.

The girls have channelled a lot of their own masculine meets feminine edge in to their collections and come up with some must-have investment pieces that will leave you unable to pay your rent and eating cereal for a month. My favourite piece from Elizabeth and James is the cropped black denim biker jacket with detachable bouclĂ© sleeves below - Love the deconstructed take on such a classic wardrobe staple and the fact that £595 will get you one item that could add versatility to your entire wardrobe with it's eyes closed! I'm doing the sums in my head and all equations are yelling BUY IT!xo

New Rory bouclĂ© sleeved denim biker jacket - Elizabeth and James @ £595

Knit sweatshirt with leather sleeves - Elizabeth and James @ £326

Keller modal and silk blended vest - The Row @ £580

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

•Following on from the Glam Grunge blog I posted on Sunday, I'm head over heels for the gorgeous McQ by Alexander McQueen dress below and had to feature it in this week's Wishlist Wednesday. The gorgeous (stretch cotton) dress has a fine wax finish and zip detailing for a little edge - I've decided it needs to be my birthday dress already!

McQ was launched in 2006 with the view of being Alexander McQueen's little sister label and so far it has proved a label in its own right, offering a different and fresh take on the signature McQueen style under the creative direction of Sarah Burton. I'm hooked on their tartan prints, leathers and wool blended pieces but this dress screams rebel, youth and most of all, fun... Plenty of what I'll be having on my 24th birthday next month ;) xo

Dress by McQ @ £325
Faux Pony Skin Ankle Boots @ Topshop £95
Disney Couture Mawi Earrings @ ASOS £34

Sunday, 6 November 2011

•Glam grunge is really having a moment this season and I've decided to give the trend a go and experiment with big bold necklaces over cotton tees and maxi skirts with boots as an alternative to my usual look.
I'm a fair few steps away from the effortlessly cool glam grunge style that the Olsen's carry, however I have picked out a few key pieces that will get the ball rolling! Think leathers, furs, studs and use gold or jewelled accessories to add the glam to your grunge and ditch your heels for boots instead and you'll be half way there in no time! The next step?! Surely chipped nail polish, bug eye sunglasses and a Starbucks in hand will complete the look no?!xo

Mongolian Fur Chain Bag @ River Island £100
Sequin Collar Necklace by Fiona Paxton @ ASOS £98
Leather Panelled Mid-Rise Jeans by Superfine @ £405
Dark Blue Split Maxi Skirt @ River Island £28
Metal Skull Ring @ ASOS £12
White Patent Boots by Dr Marten @ ASOS £81
Embellished Gold Tee @ All Saints £250
Rock Tank Top @ Topshop £18

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

•I'm both very busy and very important recently (Bridget!) and so due to a serious demand on my time by anyone and everyone and the need to juggle a million things, I've brought Wishlist Wednesday forward a day! Surpriiise! Ok ok, I don't mean to sound like I'm slacking (I'm not, it's only 3 hours early technically) and I absolutely will get back to blogging the life out of you all v soon however for the time being, please bare with me!

I'm a little bit in love with this gorgeous twill tartan dress by Carven which would effortlessly take over as the statement maker in your wardrobe when teamed with heeled ankle boots and a cute leather jacket. The festive season is always the perfect excuse for dressing up however this doesn't always have to translate as sequins and frills and femininity! I love this dress for the fact its understated, interesting and you can guarantee nobody else at that party will be wearing it!xo

Dress by Carven @ £550
Cocktail ring by Mawi @ £203
Leather panther clutch by Marc Jacobs @ £290

Sunday, 30 October 2011

•Are diamonds really a girl's best friend or can I swap them for pearls instead?! I'm loving seeing lots of pearl clustered items popping up on the high street (refreshingly not just on jewellery) after they played such a part in the AW11 shows earlier this year, and I can't wait to get some old school glamour in my wardrobe again!
If you're in to customising and being creative head to a haberdashery for some faux pearls and get to work on sewing them around collars, cuffs and shoulders or replace boring buttons on blouses - A sure fire way to update last year's cardies and jumpers with not much money, skill or effort required!xo

Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl Platform Heels @ $1,055
Sheer Cover Up by Biba @ John Lewis £65
Cluster Bag by Coast @ John Lewis £60
Chiffon & Ruffle Handwarmers by Alice Hannah @ ASOS £16

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

•I've spotted so many bits that I've wanted to put on this week's Wishlist Wednesday that I've just spent a little over an hour deciding what will make the cut. Now that I'm all sorted, I'm a 100% sure that the Topshop bralet is my fave item of the lot. At first I wasn't at all convinced that bralets were for me, however having tried one on with a high waisted pencil skirt and then a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers, I've really come to like the look! So, I may not necessarily pair it with a low slung pair of jeans (a la Britney?) but I definitely can see myself making the most of this cute little floral number. It's so ideal that November looks to be the beginning of the party season for many of us, no excuses needed to wear it in lots of different ways!

Also, quick mention on the boots... I looooooove them! I've become a real boot whore recently (literally no other way to describe it) but they're perfect for the season and will add an uncertain edge to any outfit!

Topshop Floral Bralet £30
Alexander McQueen Bracelet at Liberty £165
Office Suede Ankle Boots £95
ASOS Grab Bag £35

Sunday, 23 October 2011

•Metallics, like many trends, have circled the axis of the fashion world and are now back in high demand just in time to liven up your autumn/winter wardrobes. Admittedly, the trend isn't the easiest thing to wear let alone style, however having (hopefully) avoided the Christmas turkey/Star Wars character route, I've put together some looks to give you all an idea of how to wear the attention grabbing tones.
There's great versatility when it comes to wearing metallics so if you're going to try the look yourself, you can stay neutral with fleshy colours, dress up in rich jewel tones, or opt for the slightly safer monochrome look. I've always been a bit of a magpie at heart so I can't wait to try some of these key pieces out myself!xo

Leather Trim Cigarette Trousers @ Topshop £42
Aztec Batwing Tee by Full Circle @ House of Fraser £40
Tap Oxford Brogues @ $178

Silk Chiffon Blouse @ Tibi New York $275
Gold Leather Skirt @ Oasis £80
Croc Portfolio Clutch @ ASOS £60
Platform Court Shoes @ Zara £39.99

Skinny Jeans @ Mango £54.90
Distressed Jumper by Wildfox @ $112
Velvet Ankle Chelsea Boots by ASOS £65

Boyfriend Fit Jeans by Nobody Denim @ £117
Leather Patchwork Tee by Acne @ £770
Ballerina Pumps by KG by Kurt Geiger @ John Lewis £49
Resin Frame Clutch by Reiss @ ASOS £66

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

•This week's Wishlist Wednesday (almost Thursday) has been a personal struggle, a battle between head and heart because quite simply put, I neither have the cash or the occasion for 3 of the 4 items I've lust listed.
The occasion thing - not so much of an issue, however unless I stump up a few thousand in the next day or so, these pieces will just have to remain in my virtual baskets, sitting waiting patiently, unforgotten and ready to be loved... Sigh. Especially love the anchor ring by Balenciaga below, a little too early to be thinking of Christmas I know but it would make the most perfect stocking filler ;)
Oh, and next week I promise to get back to the high street, this dream list business is disheartening stuff!

Sequined Mini Dress by Sass & Bide @ £620
Signet Anchor Ring by Balenciaga @ £225
Glitter & Suede Peep Toe Boots by Miu Miu @ £555
Knuckle Box Clutch by Alexander McQueen @ £1,245

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

•From leather cuts, studs and fringing to knee high boots, wide belts and visible lingerie, at some point you will have been under the influence of the ever controversial fetish trend in fashion. Lady Gaga of course, has been channeling this look for some time and the likes have Rihanna have followed suit, encouraging designers like Mugler, Giles and Alexander McQueen to feed our fantasies.

The full on fetish look (chains and all) is probably best left to the brave however there are elements of the trend which I really like and have shared below. The best ways to touch on this look is firstly with a nice bra (needless to say a must and an investment) to wear under dark, sheer blouses and secondly a leather belt to keep you nipped in at the waist. Okay, so it isn't quite Madonna circa the early 90s however it is a start... And will probably be as far as I get before I feel like a fashion pervert!

Leather Bralet @ All Saints £95
Buckle Waist Belt by Religion @ £19
Studded Leather Clutch by Bottega Veneta @ £1,125
Chain and Tassel Belt @ Zara £17.99

Sunday, 16 October 2011

•I'm starting to feel the nip in the air this weekend and it feels that autumn has definitely arrived. Whilst I've been out and about shopping, I've been searching (and destroying) all the knitwear rails for a jumper that will become my saviour, as the nip will turn to frost and the frost will hopefully, eventually turn in to magical flakes of snow - I'm a fan of winter you can tell.

Anyway, whilst in All Saints this morning, I picked up the thick, warm, cable knit jumper below and put it straight back thinking £150 was a silly amount of money to spend on a jumper which I'll probably end up wearing over my pyjamas in bed. Now I'm home, and I've spent 2 hours straight thinking about the damn thing, I've come to the conclusion that seeing as the average English winter season lasts 90 days, and I'm likely to get lots and lots of wear out of the jumper (I'll wear it daily in fact), that's just a mere £1.66 per day... Which you'll agree is practically nothing!xo

All Saints Hercinia Jumper £150

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

•Over excitement and a love of spending money has encouraged me to buy a whole new working wardrobe this week as I prepare to move from a slightly more corporate job role to a very relaxed. As if I needed excuses, I have gone out of my way to avoid the penguin black and white tones I've had to wear for the last 4 years and have been buying colours, patterns and prints in bulk. So, I've done the smart thing (boooooooo) and invested in lots of key pieces but nothing has kept me from dreaming about the tartan MCQ dress below. At £470, it really isn't cheap or cheerful, but it definitely will lend its hand to work and play times, which is just double the incentive to buy buy buy!

Knitted Lurex Jacket @ Topshop £40
Tartan MCQ Dress @ Harvey Nicholls £470
Reiss Sheer Silk Shirt @ John Lewis £129

Monday, 10 October 2011

Boots - £80 @ Topshop
  •From clapping my eyes on these boots and falling in love with them, to the physical (and slightly urgent) act of going out and buying them took me all of 59 minutes. There's nothing like a rush buy, especially when you see that an item is selling out on the website and they just have to be yours. To go with these cut out stud boots I also purchased a sleeveless lumberjack check shirt and will wear it with my ankle grazing skinnies in a vintage wash (a little like these), a perfect look for casual nights of drinking after dark and easy to stumble around in thanks to the 3.5 inch heel, how ideal ;) x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

•My wishlists these days are growing longer and longer but I feel so spoilt by the variety on the high street (short lived I'm sure) and all the gorgeous bits that are literally screaming out at me, that it feels like it would be a shame to not just buy everything I fixed my love on this month.

These lovely little peep toe wedge boots from Miss Selfridge are going to become my go-to shoes, I can tell already! The stunning burgundy shade will work with a majority of my autumnal clothes and when I'm brave enough to bare my legs under a skirt again, they'll look cute with a pair of frilly ankle socks. On sale for just £50 at the moment, I don't doubt the fact that I'll probably have to hunt these babies down!xo

Pony skin Chelsea boots @ Miss Selfridge £50
MTV print crop @ River Island £20
Enamel frog ring @ Topshop £12.50
NARS nail polish @ NARS Cosmetics £13.50

•The most enchanting fashion show of all took place in Paris yesterday as Chanel showcased their much awaited SS12 collections, and boy was it a spectacle. The theme was set as an underwater adventure, with soft sparkly trails of sand and shells lined along the catwalk and coral reef, seaweed and giant sea creatures laid carefully around the Grand Palais as the beautiful models strode out of the mouth of a bemused octopus.

With the scene set, Chanel then continued to impress over and over as each model shone in faultless pieces made with the precious care of Mr. Lagerfeld and his army. The clothes were fluid, airy and easy-fitting, a world away from some of the more fussy designs KL is so well known for. There were florals and feathers, jewels and militant cuts and buttons. The tee shirts were shoulder padded, the cotton was perforated, the dresses were lightly embellished and the classic elements of tailoring with a feminine twist were present - I think it was perfection, bubbles and all!xo

Monday, 3 October 2011

•So, summer may have taken it's final breath today, and I'm kinda happy that I'll finally be able to sort through my winter wardrobe as it has felt completely unjustifiable doing so over the last few weeks.
I absolutely love the aspect of layering clothes, from knits over shirts over tees to socks over tights under dresses (phew), but one thing I've never really experimented with layering before is jewellery.

What I've come to realise is that I often look for one stand alone piece to make a statement with, but I've been missing out on the fun of putting all the pieces together myself and the best apart about layering your own jewellery is that it can be as individual, OTT and you as you like.

My favourite items to layer are bracelets, in as many elements and variations as possible, the more they clash the better. My one piece of advice would be to avoid beads as this is generally very summery and go for chunky ropes, golds, silvers, watches and charms instead - You'll never reach for just one piece of jewellery again, who said less was more anyway!? Here's hoping you find some inspiration... ;)

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