Monday, 27 June 2011

Glastonbury has been and gone for another year and aside from the amazing live acts, the fickle weather and the celeb spotting, the words on everybody's lips were 'who wore what'. The fest'drobes really didn't disappoint this year; I'm not sure what it is about festivals that brings the daring and diverse out in us but it was v much a case of dress to impress then throw on your wellies a la Gwyneth Paltrow (a white Stella McCartney tux jacket, really?!).

I can't pick out who I'm crushing on more after seeing pictures from the week gone by at Glasto; Alexa in her farmerish Barbour jacket and studded Mulberry bag or Kate in her snakeskin skinnies and the razor sharp shouldered leather biker?! Alexa was also snapped in a cream daisy sundress by Topshop which I nabbed some time ago from the Oxford St store. There will no doubt be a scram for this dress, get your muddy mitts on one here ;)


Who do you think worked their outfit best?! I'm still deciding, though I've chosen my least favourite (always easier of course) in Alice Dellal... Bored of this particular grunge look, HATE the cat-eye sunglasses and the hillbilly shirt tied around her waist. The whole outfit could do with being splattered in mud, my eyes are hurting!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

On Friday afternoon, my curly photographer friend Emma and I took to the streets in pursuit of some style inspiration ahead of our weekends. I've come to notice that a majority of 'street style' features, whether that be in magazines or on websites, are posting about girls who are dripping in luxe labels; something that's realistically out of reach for a lot of us who are equally good at working the seasonal trends in high street pieces as well as vintage finds, without having to splash the cash.

I really wasn't disappointed when walking through Spitalfields Market and along Brick Lane; the people who live and work in this area literally radiate creativeness and originality and there's just a massive pull on the cool crowd.

The first girl to hit my radar was Rebecca from Surrey who works in the nearby Spitalfields All Saints store... Zara maxi, Topshop top, Primark sandals and a vintage hat from Austria. I actually could have cried. Surely this is genuine inspiration? She's rocking the boho look and verging on folkloric at the same time. There's nothing on Rebecca that isn't a key piece and more importantly it's all so accessible, there's no reason why these girls can't have the same kudos as the fash pack lovies which are often snapped!

Rebecca from Surrey

Big huge massive thank you to Emma for the photos and for being patient with me on my first style stalking sesh through London (there will be more so please keep reading!) You can visit Emma's website on the following link, she is *so* good! x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

There are a bunch of words that automatically spring to mind whenever I'm flicking through a glossy and a picture of Katie Holmes greets me; feminine yet boyish, uncomplicated and quietly confident in her style. The words beach and babe on the other hand, just don't come to mind. Or rather, they didn't until the photo below popped up on my screen this evening.

Isabel Marant is an undeniably cool label (think boyish trophy jackets, oversized thick marl tees and perfectly tailored cigarette pants) so I was pleasantly surprised to see Miss. Holmes (hmm should that be Mrs. Cruise?!) not only wearing these teeny tiny pink denim hotpants from the SS11 collection, but OWNING them. Seriously digging the denim shirt as a choice of cover up on the beach too, say bye bye kaftan!

Image from

Katie got cool ;) Pinch the look with a similar Topshop pair by clicking here x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

According to some schmuck, yesterday was supposedly the first day of summer... *Awkward silence* Liar.

I'm currently sitting on my bed (off work sick with a virus for anyone that's wondering) amongst a pile of magazines, scrapbooks and what was once a plate of Jaffa Cakes, staring at the dull grey sky and pondering when I'll be able to bare my legs under a dress again. To top this miserableness off today, my expected ASOS delivery was a no show and I'm kinda starting to worry that I'll be going to Las Vegas with nothing but a suitcase full of panties. Pretty sure that's not acceptable anywhere in the world these days. Grr.

In an attempt at cheering myself up and also passing the time I've started to compile a gazillion and one wish lists, lust lists, even to do lists: Sort wardrobes for mass eBaying session, get Polly Push Lock Mulberry bag, buy a blender for smoothies. Not necessarily in that order.

I lovingly put together my Summer Lust List below, definitely feeling the House of Harlow 1960 Sasha sunglasses are priority here, love the vintage look and added quirk! My accessories draw is screaming for the sunglasses and yearning for the Cubes Of Gold ring by Imogen Belfied at the same time... Beauty defined, this ladies pieces are individual works of art!

1. Rowbotham clutch, £32 @ Aldo Shoes
2. House of Harlow 1960 Sasha sunglasses, £138 @
3. Jeffrey Campbell Cruise To Cape Cod heels, $120 @
4. Imogen Belfield Cubes Of Gold ring, £265 @
5. NARS nail polish in Schiap, £13.50 @

Also thought I'd share the following link for anyone that has little kiddies! A yummy mummy I know called Amber has been designing and producing flip flops for boys and girls with an eye for style, you can check them out here and let me know your thoughts:

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

•It all began with Mr. Lagerfeld and should have been an impossible lead to follow, however Stella made an amazing contribution, as did Cavalli, Jimmy Choo and Lanvin (to name but a few). Now, after much anticipation, H&M have announced that Versace will be the next luxury fashion label to collaborate with the Swedish high street chain.

Creative director Donatella Versace speaks in this press release about how the capsule collection 'will take a look back at the heritage of the brand' - I hope to my fashion Gods this translates as studded leathers, worn denim, sharp shoulders, hypnotic prints and a riot of colours on textured fabrics, proprio come il 90's!

Just a shame that we have to wait until November for the women's, men's and homeware (a first for any designer working with H&M) to hit the stores, camping on Regent Street will be no fun in the cold x

Monday, 20 June 2011

•Cider, 99s, music, daisy chains, grass stained knees and sharing sleeping bags... Yep, you can correctly assume it's time for Glastonbury as the daddy of festivals approaches us this week. I couldn't wish more that I was going if I tried, with or without the weather warnings and the fact that by the weekend every girl will be crying in to their rain macs as they realise that no amount of dry shampoo will save them from the storms.

Having sat here debating the pros and cons of camping through what will probably be a muddy mess, I'm still insisting to myself that I'd turn down the offer of a camper van just for the electric atmosphere that'll spark up when thousands of drunken boys and girls collect together to dance around their tents under the stars, a long time after the music has been turned off.

I've put together my ideal festival outfit, probably a little over ambitious considering, however I figure that if over 170,000 people spread over 1,000 acres ALL pray for blue skies and sunshine, it's every bit possible that someone up there will just give in!

Wellies £70, Debenhams
Shorts £34, Topshop
Tee £65, Wildfox @ Selfridges
Bag £32, Topshop
Trilby £18, Dorothy Perkins
Earrings £19.69, Betsey Johnson @ Nordstrom

Sunday, 19 June 2011

•Eeep! Huge excitements this weekend as 'Candy' was aired on BBC HD on Saturday evening/Sunday morning... I've watched it on repeat and am still pausing and rewinding the rolling credits at the end just to see my name and the words 'Wardrobe Assistant' beside it! It's definitely something I wished upon when growing up, though I think my 8 year old self would've *so* loved to be the lead actress.

Ella Purnell who plays Candy was such a pleasure to dress and work with (as were the rest of the cast) that picking out the final outfits were not nearly as stressful as they should have been. My favourite pieces in the film are the apple red patent Topshop trench that Candy wears in her first scene, her dark hair and pale skin being the most natural compliment and the vintage Versace top she is seen wearing in the cafe with Joe... Just the right hue for the way the scene is shot and the perfect 'young girl vs wannabe adult' statement.

Aside from working behind the scenes with some seriously talented, passionate people and being part of a great team and film, my favourite part of the whole experience was the freebies. I'm talking suitcases full of stuff to fight over and to take home just because it's free even though you're reallyyy not in to crushed velvet these days (note to self). I'm happy I came away with some beautiful angora Falke socks at the end of the freebie scramble, I'm still wearing them with wedges and brogues and love their softness... Probably something to do with the fact that they're bed socks which is acceptable right, but only because they were free!

You can watch 'Candy' on BBC iPlayer by following this link:


Thursday, 16 June 2011

•A well known face on the NYC party circuit, you could bet a fistful of dollar bills that Jeremy Kost would've never expected the title 'greatest Polaroid artist' when he began snapping away in the early 2000's as a way of social interaction at what he describes as 'sleazy' bars in the East Village.

Flash forward and entire decade and powerHouse Books have published 'It's Always Darkest Before Dawn', a Polaroid bible that is centred around the lives of drag queens living in New York. From page 1, Kost pushes the boundaries of creativity and boldness with his frequently unstaged collages, mean whilst every single snap pointedly screams 'IN YOUR FACE DIGITAL MODERNISM!'

I'm a huge fan of the Polaroid and the nostalgia that stirs up inside whenever I look at one, there's something about each picture in it's classic white frame and the excitement of watching a moment develop before you, that'll always mean I favour the camera over your mainstream digital. Having said that, I understand that Kost's tongue in cheek photographs may not find a place on every coffee table, especially if your mum is popping over for a cup of tea...x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

•Hello lace, hello fur, hellooo velvet... Tom Ford's Fall 2011 collection lookbook made a debut on our screens today, and despite the disappointment regarding the distinct lack of a show, the online presentation still had editors, stylists and us mere mortals in a fashion frenzy.

The ready to wear pieces play heavily on figure hugging silhouettes in classic, rich fabrics and the featured accessories will no doubt be on every girl's wishlist for the winter (check out the laser cut sky scraping boots at 0.32 secs - some serious statements to be made with these babies... now to get saving!)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

•I can’t believe how fast this year is going… It feels like just last week we were in gloomy February and I was assisting for freelance fashion stylist Max Clark on the set of a short film for the BBC titled ‘Candy’.

The beautifully and cinematically shot film is directed by Kinga Burza and is an adaptation of a novel by Kevin Brooks. The rose tinted story follows inhibited country boy Joe, who falls under the innocent spell of a young prostitute (Candy) played by Ella Purnell, and trails their first chance meeting in electric London. In doing so, the film pursues the sentiment of young love, desperation, freedom, excitement and danger and will no doubt leave you hoping for a full length follow up.

I had so much fun working with Max, Kinga and the rest of the Partizan team, the week of standing on ghostly platforms at deserted train stations and trying to find shelter from the winter drizzle at King’s Cross felt nothing but worthy!

I can only hope that the opportunity to work with these guys knocks again soon, before 2011 vanishes from under my feet all together…

‘Candy’ premieres on BBC HD on June 18th at 1am x

Monday, 13 June 2011

•You’re practically flying down the street when you glide past a girl who totally throws you.
It takes a moment or so to get your mind out of the hazy, shoe-shaped clouds but once you do, you can’t help but stop and stare.
On her tiny feet are the most precious heels you’ve ever seen, she’s wrapped in chunky knits and mesmeric prints and decorated with glorious cuffs and chains.
You give yourself a moment to take in the outstanding beauty and suddenly you feel like a teenage boy, perhaps falling in love for the very first time? Except it’s her wardrobe that you want. Not her body.

My name is Bee, and I'm very much your regular 23 year old, working in London and living just outside; this scenario happens to me on a reoccurring basis...
I’ll be fully in charge of my own world until a beautifully tailored jacket or a beaded dress catches my eye and I fall in to this crazy process. Stand, stare, dream and interrogate the girl on where the item is stocked, how it fits, how much it costs. All whilst struggling to hold back fantasies that involve ripping the item from her back. I actually think the only thing that stops me from this ludicrous act of envy is the fact that I’d probably damage the piece in the process and let’s face it; what girl would hand over a Balmain without a fight?

This diary isn’t written to tell you how to dress or what’s in or out. It’s simply a collection of inspirational moments dictated by style, whether that be life or fashion, and a place for me to babble about everything from beauty, hair, health, news, travel to celebrity style and more. Thank you for reading my first post, I hope you'll stick around for some more! x

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