Monday, 20 June 2011

•Cider, 99s, music, daisy chains, grass stained knees and sharing sleeping bags... Yep, you can correctly assume it's time for Glastonbury as the daddy of festivals approaches us this week. I couldn't wish more that I was going if I tried, with or without the weather warnings and the fact that by the weekend every girl will be crying in to their rain macs as they realise that no amount of dry shampoo will save them from the storms.

Having sat here debating the pros and cons of camping through what will probably be a muddy mess, I'm still insisting to myself that I'd turn down the offer of a camper van just for the electric atmosphere that'll spark up when thousands of drunken boys and girls collect together to dance around their tents under the stars, a long time after the music has been turned off.

I've put together my ideal festival outfit, probably a little over ambitious considering, however I figure that if over 170,000 people spread over 1,000 acres ALL pray for blue skies and sunshine, it's every bit possible that someone up there will just give in!

Wellies £70, Debenhams
Shorts £34, Topshop
Tee £65, Wildfox @ Selfridges
Bag £32, Topshop
Trilby £18, Dorothy Perkins
Earrings £19.69, Betsey Johnson @ Nordstrom


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