Sunday, 19 June 2011

•Eeep! Huge excitements this weekend as 'Candy' was aired on BBC HD on Saturday evening/Sunday morning... I've watched it on repeat and am still pausing and rewinding the rolling credits at the end just to see my name and the words 'Wardrobe Assistant' beside it! It's definitely something I wished upon when growing up, though I think my 8 year old self would've *so* loved to be the lead actress.

Ella Purnell who plays Candy was such a pleasure to dress and work with (as were the rest of the cast) that picking out the final outfits were not nearly as stressful as they should have been. My favourite pieces in the film are the apple red patent Topshop trench that Candy wears in her first scene, her dark hair and pale skin being the most natural compliment and the vintage Versace top she is seen wearing in the cafe with Joe... Just the right hue for the way the scene is shot and the perfect 'young girl vs wannabe adult' statement.

Aside from working behind the scenes with some seriously talented, passionate people and being part of a great team and film, my favourite part of the whole experience was the freebies. I'm talking suitcases full of stuff to fight over and to take home just because it's free even though you're reallyyy not in to crushed velvet these days (note to self). I'm happy I came away with some beautiful angora Falke socks at the end of the freebie scramble, I'm still wearing them with wedges and brogues and love their softness... Probably something to do with the fact that they're bed socks which is acceptable right, but only because they were free!

You can watch 'Candy' on BBC iPlayer by following this link:



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