Sunday, 26 June 2011

On Friday afternoon, my curly photographer friend Emma and I took to the streets in pursuit of some style inspiration ahead of our weekends. I've come to notice that a majority of 'street style' features, whether that be in magazines or on websites, are posting about girls who are dripping in luxe labels; something that's realistically out of reach for a lot of us who are equally good at working the seasonal trends in high street pieces as well as vintage finds, without having to splash the cash.

I really wasn't disappointed when walking through Spitalfields Market and along Brick Lane; the people who live and work in this area literally radiate creativeness and originality and there's just a massive pull on the cool crowd.

The first girl to hit my radar was Rebecca from Surrey who works in the nearby Spitalfields All Saints store... Zara maxi, Topshop top, Primark sandals and a vintage hat from Austria. I actually could have cried. Surely this is genuine inspiration? She's rocking the boho look and verging on folkloric at the same time. There's nothing on Rebecca that isn't a key piece and more importantly it's all so accessible, there's no reason why these girls can't have the same kudos as the fash pack lovies which are often snapped!

Rebecca from Surrey

Big huge massive thank you to Emma for the photos and for being patient with me on my first style stalking sesh through London (there will be more so please keep reading!) You can visit Emma's website on the following link, she is *so* good! x


  1. aww wow, sounds like so much fun. I agree, that's a lush ensemble! Very Nicole Richie :)


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