Thursday, 16 June 2011

•A well known face on the NYC party circuit, you could bet a fistful of dollar bills that Jeremy Kost would've never expected the title 'greatest Polaroid artist' when he began snapping away in the early 2000's as a way of social interaction at what he describes as 'sleazy' bars in the East Village.

Flash forward and entire decade and powerHouse Books have published 'It's Always Darkest Before Dawn', a Polaroid bible that is centred around the lives of drag queens living in New York. From page 1, Kost pushes the boundaries of creativity and boldness with his frequently unstaged collages, mean whilst every single snap pointedly screams 'IN YOUR FACE DIGITAL MODERNISM!'

I'm a huge fan of the Polaroid and the nostalgia that stirs up inside whenever I look at one, there's something about each picture in it's classic white frame and the excitement of watching a moment develop before you, that'll always mean I favour the camera over your mainstream digital. Having said that, I understand that Kost's tongue in cheek photographs may not find a place on every coffee table, especially if your mum is popping over for a cup of tea...x


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