Monday, 13 June 2011

•You’re practically flying down the street when you glide past a girl who totally throws you.
It takes a moment or so to get your mind out of the hazy, shoe-shaped clouds but once you do, you can’t help but stop and stare.
On her tiny feet are the most precious heels you’ve ever seen, she’s wrapped in chunky knits and mesmeric prints and decorated with glorious cuffs and chains.
You give yourself a moment to take in the outstanding beauty and suddenly you feel like a teenage boy, perhaps falling in love for the very first time? Except it’s her wardrobe that you want. Not her body.

My name is Bee, and I'm very much your regular 23 year old, working in London and living just outside; this scenario happens to me on a reoccurring basis...
I’ll be fully in charge of my own world until a beautifully tailored jacket or a beaded dress catches my eye and I fall in to this crazy process. Stand, stare, dream and interrogate the girl on where the item is stocked, how it fits, how much it costs. All whilst struggling to hold back fantasies that involve ripping the item from her back. I actually think the only thing that stops me from this ludicrous act of envy is the fact that I’d probably damage the piece in the process and let’s face it; what girl would hand over a Balmain without a fight?

This diary isn’t written to tell you how to dress or what’s in or out. It’s simply a collection of inspirational moments dictated by style, whether that be life or fashion, and a place for me to babble about everything from beauty, hair, health, news, travel to celebrity style and more. Thank you for reading my first post, I hope you'll stick around for some more! x


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