Sunday, 17 July 2011

I *so* appreciated the lovely Tota crossing my path in East London a few weeks back that I couldn't leave writing the new street style feature about her for much longer. This girly had vintage chic down to a tee and was everything I look for as a self confessed style stalker - Bundles of confidence and charm in herself and her clothes.

In her vintage frock, crochet Topshop cardigan and crepe heel ankle boots, Tota is doing a pretty good job of playing on her feminine side whilst mixing elements of the 1940s with the 1990s (muted floral dress meets old school Moschino bag = genius = envy!); and it's as if they were meant to be the perfect compilation.

Tota stood out a mile on this particular day for not only doing the vintage look justice but also having a refreshing air of carelessness - proof that style shines through at it's best when it isn't taken so seriously! Photographs courtesy of the beautifully curly Emma as always, thank you!!!


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