Saturday, 13 August 2011

•I love flicking through those first few pages of a magazine and seeing new designer advertisements spread thoughtfully over the glossy pages. For any label, the campaigns that are shot ahead of a season are crucial; a chance to revamp, relaunch and reconnect with their market and sell sell sell.
I'm always very excited to see the new ads and the way in which designers have adapted from previous seasons, whether they're being flaunted in stills across billboards in the city or on viral internet campaigns.

My top 3 favourite new ads (it was seriously difficult to make 3 choices!) for the upcoming AW11 season are:

Giorgio Armani - Fur, silk and snakeskin are just a few classics that always work their way back in to the RTW catwalks. This campaign refines sexiness in luxury and I love that the label have stuck to their guns, they clearly know the shots define the Armani woman.

DSquared - The campaigns that have previously run for DSquared have not been as demure as above, and even though the black and white shots of Emily Baker are simple, they still set the tone for what we can expect from the label: minimalist and androgynous power dressing with a hint of feminine beauty.

Alexander McQueen - Even after death the label continues to make statements of strength and structure, indicating that it will have the power to stand out for years to come. I love that these shots are in line with the 'savage beauty' theme, something tells me a Mr. McQueen will have approved and I'm sure his customers agree.


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