Friday, 5 August 2011

•Tonight I'll be dreaming of Mulberry... Or more precisely the Peace & Love Lily bag. I'm not sure if it's the foxglove pink ostrich leather or the studs that I love more, but I also have a huge 'thing' for peace signs and am drawn to them like a little magpie. I like them on my accessories, find that they make the cutest gifts and have constantly got an eye out for any new quirky new bits I may find them on. Luckily for me Mulberry have been putting the symbol on everything from their jewellery to their scarves in line with their 'Peace and Love' line (and the high street has been copying) so just for a change, I'm spoilt for choice ;) xoxo

Tee by Topshop, Gold Plated Ring by,
Gummy Bracelet by ASOS, Heart Peace Pendant by,
Opal Bracelet by, Peace Scarf by Mulberry @
Peace and Love Lily by Mulberry


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