Sunday, 16 October 2011

•I'm starting to feel the nip in the air this weekend and it feels that autumn has definitely arrived. Whilst I've been out and about shopping, I've been searching (and destroying) all the knitwear rails for a jumper that will become my saviour, as the nip will turn to frost and the frost will hopefully, eventually turn in to magical flakes of snow - I'm a fan of winter you can tell.

Anyway, whilst in All Saints this morning, I picked up the thick, warm, cable knit jumper below and put it straight back thinking £150 was a silly amount of money to spend on a jumper which I'll probably end up wearing over my pyjamas in bed. Now I'm home, and I've spent 2 hours straight thinking about the damn thing, I've come to the conclusion that seeing as the average English winter season lasts 90 days, and I'm likely to get lots and lots of wear out of the jumper (I'll wear it daily in fact), that's just a mere £1.66 per day... Which you'll agree is practically nothing!xo

All Saints Hercinia Jumper £150


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