Wednesday, 26 October 2011

•I've spotted so many bits that I've wanted to put on this week's Wishlist Wednesday that I've just spent a little over an hour deciding what will make the cut. Now that I'm all sorted, I'm a 100% sure that the Topshop bralet is my fave item of the lot. At first I wasn't at all convinced that bralets were for me, however having tried one on with a high waisted pencil skirt and then a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers, I've really come to like the look! So, I may not necessarily pair it with a low slung pair of jeans (a la Britney?) but I definitely can see myself making the most of this cute little floral number. It's so ideal that November looks to be the beginning of the party season for many of us, no excuses needed to wear it in lots of different ways!

Also, quick mention on the boots... I looooooove them! I've become a real boot whore recently (literally no other way to describe it) but they're perfect for the season and will add an uncertain edge to any outfit!

Topshop Floral Bralet £30
Alexander McQueen Bracelet at Liberty £165
Office Suede Ankle Boots £95
ASOS Grab Bag £35


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