Saturday, 26 November 2011

•I woke up this morning, feeling as bright as a button and thought I'd make the most of a house to myself by turning up the music, dancing in my pants... And organising my wardrobe - ROCK AND ROLL.

I've been sat staring for a little while (1.5 hours) and my OCD is eating away at me over the fact that my leather jacket has ended up in the middle of the dresses, and that there's a stray cardigan by the skirts. Laziness on the other hand has got me in a trance and apart from turning the hangers so they all face the same way (this was making me seriously tetchy), I have done nothing but daydream.

I'd love to pluck the motivation from somewhere right now and get my colour coordinating on, but I've got a desire for shopping that needs seeing to and a top shelf in the wardrobe that looks like it could do with filling so I'm off in to town to buy myself more things to make a mess with :) Have a lovely weekend everyone! xo


  1. I am totally the same in it comes to my hangers and arranging by types of clothes :) I have a whole section just for stripes in my wardrobe and I'm glad to know I'm not the only person that puts this amouthof thought into my wardrobe :)

  2. Ooh see I categorise skirts/dress/blouses etc however I could take it to the next level and do florals/stripes/animal prints - That could take a while! I'd love to see how neat your wardrobe looked!xo


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