Friday, 25 November 2011

•Recently, if it isn't leather or metallic I don't want to know (you've preeetty much seen one regular cut dress or knit cardie you've basically seen them all) so I was super excited to stumble across one item of each kind in H&M Covent Graden during my lunch break today.

The first item, this open back cardie with a silver wax finish felt lovely on (not stiff at all considering the wax), had a really nice shape and even better, it was only £24.99. I usually rely on my black tux jacket or my studded crop leather jacket to tie up my look, but now I'm feeling all festive I think I'll ditch the black and wear this with my dresses instead! I wanted to put the link in for you to all go nab this but it isn't anywhere to be found on the H&M site, sob sob x

Second item I picked up was this PU dress. I.LOVE.IT! I'm not too sure just when I'll wear it yet, but I think it'll look lovely with a little cardi, some Henry Holland tights and my biker boots at the weekend. Think I'll be in serious danger of looking a little too S&M if I wear it with bare legs and heels and only Rihanna can wangle that look. This dress was also £24.99, and here is the link :)


  1. oh! I saw that dress at H&M the other day! I wanted to try it on, but I'm not sure if I wear it enough. It fits you perfectly. You should post different ways of you styling it, would be a really great post!


  2. Awh thank you! That's exactly what I'm planning on doing at the end of this week, check back and let me know what you think :) Love your page, I'm following x


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