Sunday, 4 December 2011

•If there's anything I can honestly say I hoard, it's nail polish. I have A LOT. From the higher quality brands like OPI and Essie to the Barry M's and the Rimmel's (Coralicious Dry in 60 Secs = all time fave); unless a polish happens to be drying out or verging on empty I never ever get rid... Until this weekend!

I have just had a mammoth clear out (possibly the biggest in years) and I filled 2 bin bags of clothes to give to charity as well as a bag of old polishes and make up bits to throw. As with everything, it's always nice to have a replacement when it's time to be out with the old, so I popped in to Topshop today and this deep metallic khaki called 'Phenomena' was sat looking pretty on the make-up counter as if it was waiting for me!

Unlike the other metallics I've seen its very rich in colour and the tones verge between gold and green which I love. Also, the quality is amazing! I was so impressed that it just about needed 2 coats and if I were rushing, which I always annoyingly seem to be when I paint my nails, I could've gotten away with just one coat. The polish has dried really nicely (within a few minutes too) and has a lovely shine despite no top coat so for £6 I'm one happy girly.

There are lots of lovely shades out right now, and being such a fan of metallic polishes I'll more than likely head to Topshop to fill my lust for them as I now know just how high quality they are! Here are 5 of my favourite polishes at the moment:

Rainbow Connection by OPI
Eyes Of Steel by Topshop
Aruba Blue by Essie
Gatwick Matte by Nails Inc
Scoundrel by Butter London


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