Thursday, 29 December 2011

•With the need to diet in order to fit in to pretty much everything I own right now that doesn't have an elasticated waist (chav chic is back and I swear to God I've grown another bum this month), I was grateful to receive at least one gift I could wear everyday without the worry of it being too snug... My new lovely, shiny, pretty Michael Kors Chonograph bracelet watch.

I'd wanted a watch for quite some time so was silly excited to unwrap this on my Birthday and have to thank my amazing girly friends for taking on my subtle hints and choosing the most perfect timepiece for me ;) I'd have posted about it sooner but it needed at least 4 links taking out and now that I've got it back from the jewellers, I never plan on taking it off! Usually I live in my digital Casio or my dainty antique gold watch but this is the first day time piece I will have owned so I can't wait to get lots of wear out of it!xoxo


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