Thursday, 1 December 2011

•Yesterday was payday and a little like clock work, I happened to order everything on ASOS that I had set my heart on within literally minutes of my wages reaching my bank account. I was so excited to see the courier arrive this morning I think I eeeped in his face but I'm really happy with all my bits! I didn't order any of the items with outfits in mind to be honest and I've kinda worked through my wardrobe and styled things a little aimlessly but I'm really happy to have got some versatile pieces to wear through the winter.

First off - No alterations to the colour of this oversized jumper have been made at all. It really is that bright pink! It's lovely and snug and I wore a black shirt underneath with the collars peeping out. I'm spending Sunday with the boy shopping and lunching so I think I'll wear it out with some patent black loafers.

Secondly, I really love this leather pocket dress by River Island and had seen my best friend wear it before so I have her to thank for it :) I wore it with some heart print tights which I've had forever (can't recall where I got them from), a blue tartan print shirt from Topshop underneath and my loyal black boots. I have quite a small waist but a round bum (ha massive understatement) so the only thing I dislike about this is that it's roomy up top and needless to say fitted around my bum (definitely no bending over)!

Thirdly, I ordered this metallic tee from RI (on my Wednesday Wishlist this week) and woven thread skirt from Mango but never expected to wear them together (a little too much sparkle and shine maybe) however they just seem to work! The skirt is literally a masterpiece with silver/bronze/gold threads and pieces of wool sewn upon each other; it was featured in Stylist Magazine this week and it has sold out already on ASOS and Mango! I've decided to wear this outfit to my work Christmas party at Maddox on Regent St next week, probs blend in with the decorations and lights?!

Last but not least, I had to have both of these clutches. The turquoise envelope also came in pink and a few other colours and it feels gorgeous as does the horse studded clutch. They both actually look and feel a lot more expensive than they were, perhaps I'll pass them off for couture?! Overall I'm pleased with my splurge and can't wait to get in to everything! I just seriously hope nobody was expecting Christmas presents this year :P xoxo


  1. I have said it once and I will say it again, those bags are bloody gorgeous, love everything else you have bought aswell they all look super cool and very up to date on the current trends, I need to treat myself to some of these I think lol :)

    Jordan x

  2. You won't regret the bags, and seeing as you're resting up at the moment I do think you should treat yourself to keep your spirits high :) x x

  3. Gemma Weatherill2 December 2011 at 10:42

    Love this blog....very inspired and cool.
    Borrowage hehe. xoxo


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