Tuesday, 31 January 2012

•There is NOTHING quite like preparing/shopping/packing for a holiday! Especially when England is minus something and on the verge of snow and you're off to the sun for a week of R&R with 2 of your best girlfriends!

Now I believe in travelling light, some of my friends may laugh at this (hey I'm always the one who has the lightest luggage aren't I?!) but keeping in mind that I don't like cramming my entire life in to a tiny bag, I've created a little bit of a capsule holiday wardrobe which will mean I have all I need with me, without the hassle of ironing every crumpled dress that comes out of my case when I arrive.

Personally, a holiday wardrobe should be about comfort and ease, mixing and matching, floaty maxi skirts and sundresses, cotton vests and denims, sandals and simplicity! I'm a lover of all these bits anyway come the summer months but I'm about to have a week of doing nothing but eating, drinking, sleeping, sunbathing, swimming, reading, and occasionally partying ;) So I don't want to over complicate my life by giving myself the dilemma of 'What shall I wear tonight?' quite literally, every night.

Other than a selection of lightweight basics, vintage denim cut offs, an easy to style maxi skirt and crop, all that I intend to pack are my 3 holiday essentials: Sun Bum SPF15 Sunscreen, Brilho Benetint Lip Balm SPF15 and Sun-Kissed Summer Hair by Alterna - My absolute can't live without items on holiday! The variety of clothes will keep me going through the week too but in all honesty, that's if I even manage to get my lazy sunsoaked bones out of my mismatched bikini ;)

On another note, I'm looking for a book to take away with me. Would love all recommendations that come my way! What's your favourite holiday must-read?!xoxo

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

•PHEW! Today has been manic! Wishlist Wednesday is muuuch later than usual so sozzlecakes to those who've been checking back but I have been crazy busy (I hope you found some other goodies to lust over in the mean time though!). I'm loving Topshop more than usual this week; last night I indulged in a gorgeous cable knit crop jumper and a drop waist cotton stripe dress, neither of which are on the website to show you annoyingly, however here is what's next on my hit list - As soon as my wages hits my account that is!

Double Layer Sleeveless Blouse @ Topshop £30
Forest Green Skinnies @ Topshop £38
Tan Side Zip Ankle Boots @ Topshop £75
Bird Pendant Across Body Bag @ ASOS £20
My faves on the list week are the boots - I spent 2 weeks contemplating if I 'needed' them, put them on/took them off, walked up and down the Strand and Oxford Circus stores on numerous occasions and put them back on the shelf a silly amount of times. Only to decide now, when I'm pretty much overdrawn on my overdraft and living on air that I want them! Also loving all the varying vibrant colours in jeans I'm seeing lately on the high street. This forest colour is lovely and as jewel colours work really well with metallics I'd team it with a gold tee and heels for a night out our a big cosy cardi and loafers for a night. Have you guys seen any colours that you love lately?!xoxo

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

•It just so happened that last week whilst making plans to reorganise my room at home and move some things around, that I came across this blog post on http://www.somethingpolished.com/ and just had to share! Recently I had a huge clear out and despite wanting to hold on to some of the bottles because they were pretty or reminded me of certain occasions loser, yeahuh I managed to prize myself away and left only around 25 nice/new polishes.

Now I'm pretty sure it isn't a secret that I'm a hoarder of the stuff and also suffer with slight OCB when it comes to organisation, so when I read this post I felt compelled to make more of the space on my dressing table and to display my shiny bright bottles in a much prettier way. So, out came the jewellery that I kept stacked in this clear square vase and in went the bottles. I have too many for it at the mo -Jenga anyone?! But I do want to buy a gold fish style bowl to put them all in, though for now I'm kinda happy with my little creation! Before I cleared out the old jewellery I kept in the vase I found a few pendants which had broken off necklaces but I'd liked too much to throw away (sentimental is not the word) and decided to drop them in with the nail polish bottles, a little extra added summin' summin' :)

Hilary who writes the blog on somethingpolished.com has some really quirky ideas on how to store your polishes and I'm sure if you're anything like me you'll be thankful for the inspiration, check them out below!

& My go...

Friday, 20 January 2012

•I've always had a teeny bit of a style crush on Jessica Alba, but I think it's fair to say she'd been playing it safe recently and was teetering on the edge of blending in to a fashion crowd of average-ness (I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift). That is of course until she got papped in NYC on Wednesday in a riot of bright colours and boldness, redeeming herself and then some in: a gorgeous pair of floral print tailored Erdem trousers, an orange cashmere sweater by Acne and a stunning ombre teal-green Doo.Ri coat.

I love elements of this look but do think it's for the braver, more confident girl and am also pretty sure that not all of us mere mortals could pull it off. So, I've put together a 'Do it like...' feature with a few changes which I think make the outfit all the more wearable. I've become totally obsessed with these mint green loafers by ASOS by the way, totally in keeping with the pastel theme I blogged about last week and so summery! What do you guys think?! Is this something you'd wear?xoxo

Knitted Lace Stripe Top @ Topshop £36
Floral Printed Trousers @ Warehouse £50
Plaited Shopper @ Zara £79.99
Mint Pantent Loafers @ ASOS £38
Slouchy Boyfriend Coat @ Warehouse £90

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

•I'm aware that it's minus something or another outside this week, but I'm so distracted by summery clothes and thoughts of being in hot climes that whilst window shopping at lunch time yesterday, I actually tried on a bikini in River Island. How ridiculous?! Needless to say it didn't take long for the cold in the changing room to kick in, the goose pimples to rise and it dawned on me that I looked plain stupid.

I'm not quite ready to go all out and start buying bikinis that's for sure however I am really excited at the prospect of wearing heels with tanned bare legs and dresses; is it me or does the last time it was warm feel like it was forever ago? I really love tan leather on a wedged heel and remember seeing a few pairs on the high street last year which took no time to disappear. So I've spotted this Topshop pair and I'm paranoid if I don't buy them now I never will! I love how well the colour works with these lovely shorts by Emma Cook from theoutnet.com too and think they'll be a very wearable piece with my wardrobe come summer. I have so many blouses, little camisoles and tees that would look lovely tucked in to these shorts but for me they'd be best matched with a good old grey marl tee and a bright bib necklace, night out sorted ;) xoxo

Emma Cook Belted Crepe de Chine Shorts @ theoutnet.com £54
Grey Marl Tee @ Topshop £14
'Romeo' Quilted Shoulder Chain Leather Bag @ Reiss £189
Zahara Bib Necklace @ stelladot.com $248
'Lisbon' Buckle Heel Wedges @  Topshop £68

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

•According to the press release, the inspiration for the second collab between Danish label Vero Moda and style icon meets model Alexa Chung was ‘glamorous vintage classics from the seventies’. Going by glimpses of Peter Pan-collared blouses, polka dot skirts matched with knee-high socks and brogues and floaty tulle dresses, I'd say they have it spot on!

Alexa is gorgeous and as a label that only really made it's mark in the UK last year, Vero Moda has certainly bagged itself a credible partnership with a fashion face that not only looks amazing in their ad campaigns (shot beautifully in Alexa's new home of Brookly, NY) but is also likely to appeal to fans worldwide who perhaps didn't associate the edgy/cool versatility that Alexa brings with a label like VM. Some may say this is win win... I say get me all the pieces NOW.

You can shop the pieces here:

Monday, 16 January 2012

•The Golden Globes 2012 took place last night and as expected, all talks were based around who wore what and more importantly, if they wore it well. The awards showcased an exciting variety of established and classic labels of choice such as Chanel, Gucci and Dior as well as a collection of fresh and exciting designers like J. Mendel and Bill Blass. It's actually Claire Danes in J. Mendel who was on the lips of many as best dressed female and I'm v much in agreement and think she looks stunning! Dianne Argon also looked amazing in British label Giles however I'm totally lost on what the hell Sarah Michelle Gellar was thinking! Did nobody tell her a tie dyed ball gown belongs in the late 80s and was therefore a terrible idea?!Here's a quick list of my fave dresses from last night ~

Claire Danes working a monochrome meets metallic floor length dress by J. Mendel

Diane Agron in a laser cut and intricate red dress by Brit designer Giles

Charlize Theron looking every inch beautiful in a Dior gown and flapper girl-esque hair

Angela Jolie chose Atelier Versace for the awards and looks amazingly sleek here

Reese Witherspoon shows off her gorgeous curves in this deep rich red Zac Posen dress, yummy mummy!

Calvin Klein is known for his straight, clean cut silhouettes and simple lines - Nobody could quite work this dress like Heidi Klum 

WAAAHHH. This is horrible. Sorry Sarah Michelle Gellar, this Monique Lhuillier monstrosity has let you down!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

lust n
1. a strong desire for sexual gratification
2. a strong feeling of enthusiasm or drive
3. a strong want an need to fulfil your shopping habit 24:7
Ok, OK. So I made the last one up. However, since I fell flat on my face at the challenge of shopping and spending less, I've been seeking a nice weekend outfit to wear to a baby shower as my friend's + one at a stranger's house next Sunday. Naturally, I'm always the girl that's either too underdressed or overdressed at these shindigs so I've opted safe in my picks and figure I can't go wrong with a skinny/knit print combo teamed with a pair of really high heels. After all, what better way to make a good first impression than by marking the wooden floors in a house you've never been in, risking an injury because you can't walk properly and possibly taking down the cake stand on your way down?! Extreme yes, but this is something that would happen to me. Love this Topshop pair, by far my fave item on my WW this week!xo

Cyan Baxter Jeans @ Topshop £40
Cream Navajo Fluorescent Print Jumper @ River Island £38
Tan Ankle Strap Wedge @ Topshop £62
Maria Francesca Pepe Turquoise Ring @ ASOS £99

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

•From Nicole Fahri and Mulberry to Louis Vuitton, pastel colour blocking was a popular trend on the SS12 catwalks last season and now just months away from ditching coats, painting toes and waxing legs (I have most definitely been hibernating), I'm so excited that small glimpses of the candy coated trend are starting to pop up on the high street.

From what I've seen, the upcoming season is going to be all about sugary sweet palettes and richer brights of the same accents, a whirl of feminine, romantic silhouettes toughened up with studs and frays and chalky/cool neutrals in simple cuts. Think peach, mint, candyfloss pink, lemon and lilac on everything from denims to cotton tees and chiffon blouses to tailored trousers and you're already sitting on a beach in July!

It's 11pm and I'm suddenly craving sugar... A sure fire sign that I need to switch off and get to bed before I cave. Here a few of my fave candy pastel picks~
Kitch Patent Lace Ups @ Topshop £60
Vero Moda Skinny Jeggings @ ASOS £18
Acne Crop Cable Knit @ my-wardrobe.com £220
Bangle Set @ River Island £15
Denim Shorts @ garage.ca $32.90
Cambridge Satchel Company Patent Satchel @ ASOS £100
Skinny Belt @ ASOS £6

Friday, 6 January 2012

•I cracked. I gave in, I flopped, I'm defeated. I failed miserably. It took 6 days in January for me to give up my new year's resolution of not shopping needlessly and saving more. But what's a girl to do when faced with all sorts of goodies tempting my fate online?! Even though I've gone out of my way to avoid the physical act of shopping, I've been worn down by internet virals for websites and emails about the never ending Christmas sales, resulting in me kinda/accidentally on purpose ordering this lovely dress from River Island. Hufffffffff.

Shopping is addictive, and usually the excitement of buying something nice and new to wear is enough to put any doubts of spending too much or just being fashion greedy out of mind, except this time I feel nothing. Not remotely satisfied, not even a smidgen happy. How disappointing. I feel like the magic in the meaning of a 'quick fix' has gone and I'm desperate to get it back so I can only think that making a fun occasion to wear this little number will help me locate my mojo. A posh meal with the boy maybe, or a night out with the girls? Hmm, highly unlikely - Thanks for pissing all over my social life January!!!

In the mean time, I'm consoling myself by eating like a rabbit therefore sticking to my other resolution of becoming a little a lot like Gisele. Can I stick to at least one resolution please?! I'd love to think so!xoxo

The one that made me fall...

Leopard Print Belted Skater Dress @ River Island £35

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

•Chanelling my energy towards a Wishlist Wednesday that doesn't involve clothes/shoes/bags/jewellery has proved more difficult than first thought and the struggle to avoid even looking at websites because I fear I may crack is a strain to say the least. HOWEVER - A good way to spend less money on things I know I'm actually in need of has been keeping me occupied and I've finally got an excuse to buy the things I've been putting off!

1~ I had a 2012 diary down on my list to Santa but he clearly chose to ignore it and brought me things I didn't want instead, so now I'm going to treat myself to a pretty one I can fill with nonsense and ambitious plans I'll only end up scribbling out.
2~ I've wanted a bright pink lipstick for ages now and really love this vibrant matte shade from Topshop called 'Brighton Rock', perfect for a day to night time pout and only £8, I think I can just about justify it!
3~ Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is my all time fave perfume and now another bottle has finished, I'm having slight withdrawal symptoms and must restock ASAP.

This is possibly the most sensible I've been in years however needs must and this girl really wants a holiday so sucking it up really is the only option. I think my family are taking bets on how long I can keep this up for but they forget I once gave up chocolate for lent which was practically deemed impossible so I kinda feel like this may just be doable :) xoxo

Paperblanks Ougi Slim Diary 2012 @ John Lewis £11
Brighton Rock Lipstick @ Topshop £8
Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum 35ml by Chanel @ Debenhams £45

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

•3rd of January and I'm already having a power struggle with myself over my main new year's resolution: to shop less. Perhaps it was an unrealistic goal to even set myself (though I did put it further down on my list than getting a bod like Gisele PAH) but I really didn't envision falling at the first hurdle, especially having managed to dodge the sales.

Now, sat at home with not a lot to do, I have been totally distracted by online shopping and have gathered a mass list of things that I just want/need to own. I'm beginning to feel like every website I visit is conspiring against me in order to take all my money and seriously where was all this stuff when I was looking for an NYE outfit?! Having gone back and forth I'm quitting the laptop and am going to attempt activating some sort of child lock on all websites that involve shopping... In the mean time, I'm show and telling the pieces I've hunter gathered in my mind with hope that somebody will talk me out of going mad on these possible purchases! I need help!xoxo

Skinny Zip Trousers @ Topshop £38
Spotty Ponyskin Belt @ Topshop £10
True Decadence Embellished Blouse @ House of Fraser £44.99
Blush Patent Peep Toe Pumps @ Giuseppe Zanotti £595
Amy Zerner Gold Plated Zodiac Necklace @ Liberty London £199

•Hi all - Happy NY! This is just a quick post in between post to express my love for the new SS12 ad campaign by Balmain starring the gorgeous Anja Rubik. Beautiful model and clothes aside (very Studio 54) - I absolutely love the special effects on the shots and squealed with sheer excitement for the summer of 2012 when Anja tweeted the pics less than an hour ago! The images of course served their purpose by standing out but I'm just grateful that for 5 minutes I was distracted from the hurricane going on outside my window! The way I see it, once January is out of the way, summer will be just around the corner! Perhaps I'm wishful thinking but with a holiday to look forward to in March, the ball has to get rolling soon ;) xoxo

Images from @anjarubikblog

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