Friday, 6 January 2012

•I cracked. I gave in, I flopped, I'm defeated. I failed miserably. It took 6 days in January for me to give up my new year's resolution of not shopping needlessly and saving more. But what's a girl to do when faced with all sorts of goodies tempting my fate online?! Even though I've gone out of my way to avoid the physical act of shopping, I've been worn down by internet virals for websites and emails about the never ending Christmas sales, resulting in me kinda/accidentally on purpose ordering this lovely dress from River Island. Hufffffffff.

Shopping is addictive, and usually the excitement of buying something nice and new to wear is enough to put any doubts of spending too much or just being fashion greedy out of mind, except this time I feel nothing. Not remotely satisfied, not even a smidgen happy. How disappointing. I feel like the magic in the meaning of a 'quick fix' has gone and I'm desperate to get it back so I can only think that making a fun occasion to wear this little number will help me locate my mojo. A posh meal with the boy maybe, or a night out with the girls? Hmm, highly unlikely - Thanks for pissing all over my social life January!!!

In the mean time, I'm consoling myself by eating like a rabbit therefore sticking to my other resolution of becoming a little a lot like Gisele. Can I stick to at least one resolution please?! I'd love to think so!xoxo

The one that made me fall...

Leopard Print Belted Skater Dress @ River Island £35


  1. Oh but it's sooo pretty, you just HAD to get it!This is why I didn't set any shopping ban's because I knew i'd cave in! But it's such a lovely dress! :-)

  2. These were my thoughts exactly! Thank you for stopping by :) xoxo


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