Tuesday, 24 January 2012

•It just so happened that last week whilst making plans to reorganise my room at home and move some things around, that I came across this blog post on http://www.somethingpolished.com/ and just had to share! Recently I had a huge clear out and despite wanting to hold on to some of the bottles because they were pretty or reminded me of certain occasions loser, yeahuh I managed to prize myself away and left only around 25 nice/new polishes.

Now I'm pretty sure it isn't a secret that I'm a hoarder of the stuff and also suffer with slight OCB when it comes to organisation, so when I read this post I felt compelled to make more of the space on my dressing table and to display my shiny bright bottles in a much prettier way. So, out came the jewellery that I kept stacked in this clear square vase and in went the bottles. I have too many for it at the mo -Jenga anyone?! But I do want to buy a gold fish style bowl to put them all in, though for now I'm kinda happy with my little creation! Before I cleared out the old jewellery I kept in the vase I found a few pendants which had broken off necklaces but I'd liked too much to throw away (sentimental is not the word) and decided to drop them in with the nail polish bottles, a little extra added summin' summin' :)

Hilary who writes the blog on somethingpolished.com has some really quirky ideas on how to store your polishes and I'm sure if you're anything like me you'll be thankful for the inspiration, check them out below!

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