Wednesday, 11 January 2012

lust n
1. a strong desire for sexual gratification
2. a strong feeling of enthusiasm or drive
3. a strong want an need to fulfil your shopping habit 24:7
Ok, OK. So I made the last one up. However, since I fell flat on my face at the challenge of shopping and spending less, I've been seeking a nice weekend outfit to wear to a baby shower as my friend's + one at a stranger's house next Sunday. Naturally, I'm always the girl that's either too underdressed or overdressed at these shindigs so I've opted safe in my picks and figure I can't go wrong with a skinny/knit print combo teamed with a pair of really high heels. After all, what better way to make a good first impression than by marking the wooden floors in a house you've never been in, risking an injury because you can't walk properly and possibly taking down the cake stand on your way down?! Extreme yes, but this is something that would happen to me. Love this Topshop pair, by far my fave item on my WW this week!xo

Cyan Baxter Jeans @ Topshop £40
Cream Navajo Fluorescent Print Jumper @ River Island £38
Tan Ankle Strap Wedge @ Topshop £62
Maria Francesca Pepe Turquoise Ring @ ASOS £99


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