Tuesday, 31 January 2012

•There is NOTHING quite like preparing/shopping/packing for a holiday! Especially when England is minus something and on the verge of snow and you're off to the sun for a week of R&R with 2 of your best girlfriends!

Now I believe in travelling light, some of my friends may laugh at this (hey I'm always the one who has the lightest luggage aren't I?!) but keeping in mind that I don't like cramming my entire life in to a tiny bag, I've created a little bit of a capsule holiday wardrobe which will mean I have all I need with me, without the hassle of ironing every crumpled dress that comes out of my case when I arrive.

Personally, a holiday wardrobe should be about comfort and ease, mixing and matching, floaty maxi skirts and sundresses, cotton vests and denims, sandals and simplicity! I'm a lover of all these bits anyway come the summer months but I'm about to have a week of doing nothing but eating, drinking, sleeping, sunbathing, swimming, reading, and occasionally partying ;) So I don't want to over complicate my life by giving myself the dilemma of 'What shall I wear tonight?' quite literally, every night.

Other than a selection of lightweight basics, vintage denim cut offs, an easy to style maxi skirt and crop, all that I intend to pack are my 3 holiday essentials: Sun Bum SPF15 Sunscreen, Brilho Benetint Lip Balm SPF15 and Sun-Kissed Summer Hair by Alterna - My absolute can't live without items on holiday! The variety of clothes will keep me going through the week too but in all honesty, that's if I even manage to get my lazy sunsoaked bones out of my mismatched bikini ;)

On another note, I'm looking for a book to take away with me. Would love all recommendations that come my way! What's your favourite holiday must-read?!xoxo


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