Monday, 6 February 2012

•Us girls, we're pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts, a little effort and we're thoroughly impressed and ready to sing some praises. With that in mind I've put together 5 lovely gifts that most, if not all girls would love to wake up to on any given day, particularly St Valentine's. So boys, nudge nudge wink wink, your subtle hints are given below! And girls, 'cut out and keep' (and possibly stick to your fridge so it can't be forgotten/ignored) comes to mind. Feel free to customise to your loved up heart's content (and your boyfriend's dismay) ... Enjoy!xoxo

1. Electric Blue Silk Bra @ Topshop £18
Matching Mini @ Topshop £7
2. All My Heart Stud Earrings @ Alex & Chloe $90
3. Valentino Valentina Perfume @ Harvey Nichols £71
4. Chocolate Dipping Adventure @ Hotel Chocolat £34
5. Creme Brulee Honey Bath by Laura Mercier @ Space NK £31


  1. I've got the LM Creme Brulee Honey Bath and it is super lush smells soooooo good

  2. I love all the varying types of honey they do too, you can get it in a moisturizer version as well, smells yummy!x


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