Monday, 13 February 2012

•Window shopping online for independent e-tailers and sieving out the good from the bad (why are there so many slinky bodycon Lycra numbers in production? They will NEVER work?!) has become a favourite pastime of mine lately, proving more than ever that I need help with my shopissues < def a real word.

Having said this, I really can't avoid the fact that there are so many lovely boutiques giving the high street a run for their money in both the originality and price categories! Shopping through these websites means there's always going to be at least one unique and quirky item I wear out with friends or to work, that's unlikely to have been seen in a shop window therefore avoiding the everyday copycat wardrobes most of us have due to shopping in the same places. This makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

The most recent little gem that I stumbled across is Sugarhill Boutique - An independent brand founded in 2005 by a brother/sister team and based in Brighton, they've made a welcome impact amongst stockists such as ASOS and Very and been worn by celebs such as The Saturday's.

I'm told sharing is caring (I resent this) so here are the pieces on my lust list from the Sugarhill website that are challenging the high street this week ~

Mellow Meadow Playsuit £30
Merry Go Blouse £36
My 2 favourite items!

Cherry Bomb Shift Dress £42
Kissing Swans Shift Dress £52

Feline Fine Dress £30
Lolly Blouse £32


  1. I recently discovered Sugarhill Boutique (they are worn by the TOWIE girls ALOT) I discovered this little gem via my Look mag was a lovely jumper dress worn by Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud. Since then I have been hooked, I um and arh'd over the cherry bomb dress after the same style but the owl print sold out and guess what I was too late and theyve sold out of my size. I have visited the site daily since, their stuff is LUSH.

  2. Ahh Asya, I don't know how I discovered them so late! Lusting majorly over everything now!x


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