Monday, 19 March 2012

•I'm a total sucker for a pretty pair of heels but have recently found myself favouring my ballet pumps/loafers/slippers with dresses/skirts/skinnies - That is until an email from Look Magazine (also a total sucker for shop and magazine subscriptions, naturally) dropped in to my inbox titled '50 Best Spring Shoes Under £100'. Cue deep breaths.
Anyone that reads girlseeskfashion regularly knows I'm pretty impatient with the weather/shopping/life, and I'm that girl who would roll in to work in mid March with bare legs to show off a new dress because the sun was out whilst holding back the shivers. Fashion clearly makes me lose perspective and control but in an attempt to not cave, I've chosen 4 out of 50 pairs of heels which I'm obsesseeee I'm about and know will work with my wardrobe come rain or shine. At a push I think I could probably even choose a favourite, the cobalt blue Rafia Platforms by Topshop, I think this is what rational thinking feels like! Check out the list by clicking here, which pair are your favourites?!

Office Multi Leather Platforms £75
Topshop Rafia Platforms £65
Mango Snakeskin Sole Platforms £74.99
Topshop Sport Panel Platforms £65


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