Friday, 2 March 2012

•I've been getting snap happy these past 7 days as I'd wanted to do a 'week in pictures' feature for ages and just kept forgetting and remembering on a Wednesday, definitely the most uninspiring day of the week! Taking these pictures has taught me 2 things:
1) My everyday life, in a nutshell, is YAWN and 2) an iPhone really is no replacement for a camera. I've been dreaming about the new candyfloss pink Nikon and keep convincing myself that paying £500 for a camera because its cute is probably not OK and I really can't justify it as I'm a total amateur! But I have used the Canon EOS 600D before and do really think that a proper camera opens up your eyes to so much more so it totally would be worth the money. Having said that, I really enjoyed taking some of these this week and have since visited where some of the pics 'taken through the lens of an iPhone' are amazing! Really reflects the saying that if you have the skill the tools don't matter < HA, or something like that anyway.

Oooh and also, the Wishlist Wednesday just gone was my 100th blog post. Seriously surprised at how much one girl can babble without getting bored!!! I'm jetting off to the sunshine for a week as of Sunday so it may be a little quiet on the page, but I'll be back with lots more to tell I'm sure :) Thank you all for reading xoxo

My attempt at a Lady Gaga bow bun * Loved spotting these eggs dotted all over Leicester Square * 'So Hot It Berns' by OPI * 'All You Need Is Love' chalk graffiti, note somebody has written 'I need money' underneath! * Coconut juice in Neil's Yard * New studded collar shirt from Zara * Yummy goat's cheese salad * Highly recommend going to see Safe House * Just finished reading Q by Evan Mandery, cried lots * Gorgeous macaroons in Laduree * Peanut butter cupcake from Cake Boutique * My idea of packing * Peace wedges by Melissa = LOVE * A stroll around the market at Covent Garden * Mind the gap * A little slither of my faveourite minty colour. Yes I am obsessed!


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