Wednesday, 11 April 2012

•Just as I put the finishing touches to this week's Wishlist Wedneday, the rain outside started to come down a little harder. Annoying much. The weather has yo-yod a silly amount in the last month and whilst I love winter, layering and snuggling up, I'm also OVER IT. April, I beg of you, pleeease be nice for the weekend!

One of my best friend's has just bought her very first property with her boyfriend and this Saturday is the housewarming party. Jodie is and always has been the hostess with the mostess so I'm really excited for the night - Just a small matter of outfit panic to deal with first. I always dress according to my mood; if I'm feeling girly I'll dress up, if I'm not really fancying the night I'll stick a pair of skinnies on and if I'm reaaally in the mood for drinking and dancing, I'll wear flats. I party better when I'm not falling over :)

Miso Lace Bralet @ Republic £20
Textured Lantern Skirt @ Topshop £35
Crepe Long Line Jacket @ Warehouse £60
Boa Sandals by Robert Clergerie @ ASOS £330 - GULP.
 Anyway, this week it seems that my outfit is going to be weather dependant. Ambitious as I am, I've got my eyes on the outfit above and I hope I get the chance to wear it.
Firstly - I'm hippy. That basically means I have big hips (damn them) and tend to avoid skirts that sit anywhere but the waist and tops that aren't too long. I've made an exception with this outfit though, just because I know that I can hide a multitude of sins by adding the gorge peach Warehouse blazer and relying on it for a sleek silhouette. The lace bralet is so cute and a steal for £20 from Republic. Again, I need to wear it with a skirt that rises above the hips a little, and the white lantern skirt from Topshop is perfect. I'm pretty determined that this THE outfit, and if it rains, a pair of tights and high heels will be coming in to play!xo


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