Wednesday, 30 May 2012

•It should at least be Friday by now! I've been counting down the days to this long Jubilee weekend for what feels like months and it's kinda starting to drag its heels. On Sunday I'm off to get pampered for a few days at a spa in Bath with my boyfriend and I can't wait to make the most of the time away. I have everything crossed that the sun will shine though I'm preparing outfits for every occasion just in case it doesn't and what with it being payday tomorrow, I have double the excuse to go shopping for the bits on my Jubilee inspired Wishlist Wednesday before I pack.
Aside from the pampering, I'm envisioning afternoon tea on a sunny terrace, lots of walks, indulging dinners and drinks and a little shopping depending on my persuasion skills ;) I know these heels aren't exactly perfect for the occasion (and probably a good thing too that they'd be shipped from the US so won't get here in time) but they're my favourite item on the list this week, thee perfect shoe to dress up a pair of jeans on an otherwise casual outfit: a must have! Do you have any plans for this weekend, what will you be wearing?!xo

Thursday, 24 May 2012

•I had the loveliest manicure last week, and ironically it's only now that my nails are chipped and looking pretty awful that I've found the photos I took on the day and remembered I wanted to show you all. I've been going to Hair by Fairy in Covent Garden for around 6 months now, firstly because it is right by work and easy to pop in to on the way home or on my lunch break, secondly because it is so cheap (£12 for a manicure in London is amazing) and thirdly because it's lovely that the girls all remember your name and treat you like a 'regular' when you walk in - not even my local Starbucks have managed this after a year.
Usually I pick a colour for my nails from the selection of OPI, Essie and Jessica products they have though fancying something different I took 'Space Oddssey' NARS and 'Pink-ing Of You' OPI with me from my own collection and went along with the trend of having one finger on each hand a different colour from the rest. I loved the result :) Neutral nails with a little hint of glam, they worked with every outfit, kept their shine all week and got me lots of compliments.
Is the one finger painted different a trend you like or might try?xo

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

•The sun has been out for all of 24 hours and I'm already planning holiday wardrobes and practically packing everything with a slightly long sleeve away. On the off chance that this weather may last until the weekend I've made a plan to start my holiday shopping as every year I tend to leave it until the last minute before dashing out to Topshop and buying mass amounts. I've got two holidays booked in August (a 4 day party in Ibiza with my group of girls and a chilled week in Cyprus with my family) so I'm going to go all out on a search for simple and versatile clothes that will get me through both as well as the rest of the summer.
First on my Wishlist Wednesday are the jelly wedges from River Island, I love everything about them (especially the £25 price tag - bonus) and apart from knowing they'll be the perfect, easy to wear heel on holiday when I'm bored of sandals, I also have a pair of rich blue skinny jeans I know they'll look lovely with too. Second up, I'm really liking H&M's bikinis at the moment however I'm a fan of deconstructed patterns plus I love separates so the chances of me buying a set from anywhere are tiny (coincidentally so are the sizes in H&M, I'm a C cup for the first/only time in my life) and I'm really drawn to these colours which are actually a lot more vibrant in hand, such a must have for £3.99 a piece!
And finally, I NEED a beach bag desperately for my holidays this year, I end up buying a canvas every year and it either gets tatty or I lose it so I'm finally ready to spend a little more on one. The Miami straw tote by Juicy Couture is one of the nicest I've seen so far and such a good size - handy as we're mad we've decided we don't need hold luggage for 4 days in Ibiza so are limited to 10kg each as hand luggage! The words cramming and stress come to mind!xo,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=pepperjam-_-text-_-genericdeep-_-40236&utm_source=pepperjam&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=text&utm_content=genericdeep&utm_term=40236

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

•I've been totally out of the bloggersphere loop the past few weeks, mostly down to just being so busy with life but recently to do with not feeling great. Today I've been off work with THEE most intense migraine I've had for a good few months (lucky me) and even staring at this laptop makes my face ache, however, I couldn't let a Wednesday past without the Wishlist feature so even though it's not quite as detailed as usual, here you all go! I promise to return and be much better asap, have a feeling my new glasses which I'm picking up tomorrow will see the back of constant headaches so fingers x. Promise to Tweet a pic too of my new Deidre glasses, taking geek chic to whole new levels!xo
Wishlist Wednesday //
Pic 1, Cerice pink croc bag by Pierre Hardy
Pic 2, Necklace by Erickson Beamon for
Pic 3, Sunshine yellow bikini top by H&M
Also, soo happy with my new pieces from ~ The brand, a lot like Boohoo and Missguided, aims to bring us catwalk and high street inspired pieces for lots less dosh and I've been lucky enough to be sent some lovely bits (full post coming soon so keep your peepers peeled) prior to their launch. These peachy peeptoe flatform sandals (try repeating that really quickly) and animal nail transfers have been my faves so far though I'm still trying to master the art of doing my own nails! I LOVE them xo

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Leather Croc Metal Bar Clutch @ ASOS £40
Peplum Skirt in Lemon @ Topshop £34
Metal Cap Platform Suede Pumps by Alexander McQueen - Can't find the stockist online and thank God, don't wish to know how much they are! 

•Though I usually like to claim I work well under pressure, when it comes to my personal life I crumble. I've got 3 days left until a big family wedding and I'm outfit-less with no clue of what I actually want to wear and I'm stressing a silly amount. Think I'm going to have to go against the grain (again) and just pick an outfit that's less for the occasion and more for me, sorry mum. I've had my eye on the lemon peplum skirt from Topshop for a few weeks but haven't actually seen it in real life to say I was convinced we were right for each other ~ That was until today by chance I popped in to the Strand store and they happened to have the white version. The fit is perfect, and I love the textured material so as soon I walked back in to the office I ordered it online. Now, to find a top. I really haven't seen anything I've liked lately?! Your suggestions are soo welcome because I'm having no luck looking online for something to work perfectly with it and I'm totally uninspired. I wanted to stay away from black so will opt for light pastels and neutrals so I can at least be a little spring/summer and at least a little 'wedding'. In the mean time, feel free to worry about me/send help, this is by far my biggest dilemma of the month!xo

Monday, 7 May 2012

•It's been too long since I last did a '5 things I'm loving' post so here goes! A collective list of looks, labels, products and pieces that I'm diggin for the moment and for the (non-existent) spring season in general:

1. Pretty in Peplum
Personally, the more frills the better! I love this trend and hope it never drops out of the fashion cycle for too long. Really wouldn't have thought I'd like the shape and emphasis as much as I do considering my hips aren't tiny HOWEVER, I can't get enough of the feminine silhouette a peplum piece adds to an outfit, what's not to love?! My favourite piece on the high street at the moment is this geometric print peplum jacket with Peter Pan collar from Topshop, pair with a super skinny pair of jeans or a tight fit pencil skirt and you're ready to go!

2. Nail Art (Still)
I find myself obsessing over blogs like several times a week though I can safely say I've sucked if I've ever attempted to copy a style. I can just about paint my nails so free hand drawing is a skill that needs to be praised. My fave looks at the moment are the buttery sweet shades of pale yellow and pink in the second photo that melt in to each other, soo summery. Are you guys any good at doing this on your own nails?! I need some tips!

3. Two-Tone Lips
It was Tom Pecheux for MAC Cosmetics who created the two tone lip effect for the Emanuel Ungaro show a few years ago and though I'm far from brave enough to rock it, I'm still in total awe of how cool the 80s inspired look is. Apart from the odd experimental session (resulting in clown mouth for me), I've never actually seen anyone with two tone lips other than models on catwalks though some of the subtle shades I've seen lately are so soft and flattering, maybe I should just give in.

4. Accessorise Like Barbie
Don't judge me. I still count Barbie pink as one of my favourite colours. I love the bright and bold colour pop shades and having gone through phases of having everything from pink bedroom walls (given I was 13) to pink hangers in my wardrobe, I'm just about shaking the obsession off (just). I still love the subtler colours and though I don't wear pink at all these days, I'm injecting by way of accessory - I really can't avoid Barbs altogether.

5. Fashion Discoveries
There's a lot to be said for finding new labels and etailers that go beyond stocking the norm high street trend copies you see online. With that in mind I'm usually on the look out for any websites that stand out and the flavour of the week is definitely Modekungen. The Swedish label was founded in 2008, delivers worldwide and has some quirky/edgy/cool pieces in their collection (my top 3 picks below) which are stunning and also unlikely to break the bank - A God send as my shopping cart is spilling over as we speak!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

•This weather cannot be serious! Did someone hit fast forward, honestly are we in Autumn again?! I'm totally lost on what to wear most days and my floordrobe is fast becoming a mountain (definitely an indication of my panic every morning) so I've unwillingly decided to revert to my winter clothes, buy a few pieces that are going to keep me cosy for the time being and also work for me when it eventually stops raining.
First off, in love with this knitted stud skull jumper from Topshop which has a lovely loose/boyish fit perfect for getting comfy in and though I've bought it to wear now with jeans and my Converse, I'm dying to wear it with denim shorts and wellies for the festival season! For the time being I'll probably pair them with the super skinny navajo print denims from River Island which I've had my eye on for a while and these gorgeous Chelsea booties also from Topshop. I have a similar pair in black but always wish I'd invested in a tan pair as they generally work better through the seasons, well what better timing than now?!
For ages now I've also been looking for a new bag and though I totally fell for the Zara bucket bags when they first came out, I've left it so long to get my hands on a tan one they seem to have sold out in every store I've tried. No matter, I really like this leather and suede satchel from ASOS, the rose gold clasp and detailing has won me over and I think this bag may just be the one!xo

Skull Jumper @ Topshop £44
Navajo Print Jeans @ River Island £45
Tan Chelsea Boots @ Topshop £65
Leather & Suede Satchel @ ASOS £75

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