Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Leather Croc Metal Bar Clutch @ ASOS £40
Peplum Skirt in Lemon @ Topshop £34
Metal Cap Platform Suede Pumps by Alexander McQueen - Can't find the stockist online and thank God, don't wish to know how much they are! 

•Though I usually like to claim I work well under pressure, when it comes to my personal life I crumble. I've got 3 days left until a big family wedding and I'm outfit-less with no clue of what I actually want to wear and I'm stressing a silly amount. Think I'm going to have to go against the grain (again) and just pick an outfit that's less for the occasion and more for me, sorry mum. I've had my eye on the lemon peplum skirt from Topshop for a few weeks but haven't actually seen it in real life to say I was convinced we were right for each other ~ That was until today by chance I popped in to the Strand store and they happened to have the white version. The fit is perfect, and I love the textured material so as soon I walked back in to the office I ordered it online. Now, to find a top. I really haven't seen anything I've liked lately?! Your suggestions are soo welcome because I'm having no luck looking online for something to work perfectly with it and I'm totally uninspired. I wanted to stay away from black so will opt for light pastels and neutrals so I can at least be a little spring/summer and at least a little 'wedding'. In the mean time, feel free to worry about me/send help, this is by far my biggest dilemma of the month!xo


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