Saturday, 9 June 2012

•Wow, I've really been off the blogging radar this week and this is one of the first occasions I'm finding time for myself to actually write! I'm sorry for going quiet on you lovely lot, it won't happen again I promise :)

I'd wanted to share my love for my eyelash extensions when I previously had them done at the beginning of the year (January through to March) but had totally forgotten the before/after pics so I've made sure I have some snaps to show you all this time. Until Jan I'd never had extensions and relied purely on my Eyelure strips for nights out and my Bad Gal Benefit mascara for the day ~ That was until a lovely girly I know called Jess started working with LashPerfect from her home salon and I was keen to try them for myself. Jess made my eyelashes thicker and longer by attaching individual synthetic lashes to my natural ones to give me the fluttery-eyed look I was after, effectively cutting out the need for mascara and giving me a minimal 'I don't have any other make up on but I actually look nice' kinda face, the kind I personally always want!

Now if you're going get the best from the lashes (mine lasted 4 weeks at a time before needing infills) the usual rules apply: avoid oil based make up/creams, don't pick, don't get them TOO wet, brush them with a clean mascara wand etc etc. It's all pretty simple stuff and they really do take care of themselves! I found that even once my own eyelashes naturally shed (it is said we lose 15 on each eye every 2 weeks or so) the extensions were still semi full and lovely up until the end of the 4 weeks. After having them on and infilled for 3 months in a row I decided to give my own lashes a little rest and I was actually surprised that they still felt so strong, no missing patches and no stubblyness, a definite bonus.

The best part of all is that my make up now takes at least 10 minutes less to do without the effort of mascara or applying strips and even when I roll out of the bed in the morning I still look semi human, perfect for those days when make up at work feels like an effort! I'm definitely going to keep them up through the summer and on my holidays as I love how they look and considering we hear quite negative things about eyelash extensions I think they HAVE to be a revolution! Jess is based in Bishop's Stortford (Essex though easy to reach from London), a lot less expensive than most salons and most definitely worth a visit >
Have you had any good/bad experiences with eyelash extensions or tried LashPerfect?xo


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