Monday, 30 July 2012

•My latest style crush Jennifer Lawrence and one of my favourite style icons of all time, Olivia Palermo, came together at the Christian Dior Fall 2012 Couture presentation held in Paris earlier this month, and though I appreciate I'm a little late on the uptake with blogging about it, I'm still very much torn over which outfit I love more and have found myself taking inspiration from both outfits for the current summer (meh) season as well as AW.

Whilst I love Jennifer's summery orange and white floral print CD dress with nude peep toes and think it's perfect for the current flashes of sunshine, I am also won over by Olivia's CD Resort 2013 leather peplum top which she has paired with tailored navy shorts and classic accessories.
I'm a die hard peplum fan though I must admit I was getting a little bit sick of seeing it on everything, until Olivia's vamped up version popped up on my screen the same time as Zara put the below dress on a mannequin at their Covent Garden store.
Suddenly, I feel a little bit 'over' the summer, and I can't wait for my darker, sharper, sleeker winter wardrobe to make it's appearance with some of the pieces below. Who's outfit do you prefer?!xo

Leather Peplum Frill Dress @ Zara £89.99
Pull On Silk Shorts @Topshop £40
Nude Quilted Bag @ ASOS £16
Metallic Toe Cap Courts @ Topshop £78

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer, now you're talking! I'm so excited to see that the sun has come out to play at last, and though I'm only just beginning to enjoy it (bed bound by a bug all weekend: not fun), I've definitely decided that my wardrobe is empty of work wear suited to this climate as I've become more reliant on trousers and tights under skirts and dresses due to the never ending rain.
Whereas I don't really need an excuse to shop, I do find it hard to differentiate my work wardrobe from my 'personal' (and I also resent spending a lot of money on what is essentially a uniform) so faced with a whole lot of black this morning, I decided the next few bright and summery items I purchase must absolutely be for work, not play.
Starting with this poppy red shift from Topshop Boutique. Shifts are well known for flattering most body shapes and I loved the sleek silhouette this one gave when I tried it on at lunch time today. The pockets add to the super cute 50's feel and aside from the screaming loud colour, I really liked how light and floaty the silk was, perfect for this heat though I'm certain it'd crease in a blink as soon as I sat down in it!
Also spotted these lovely raffia wedges as I was strolling around the shop and think they'd be perfect for work, I tend to avoid heels simply for the fact that 10 hours of running around an office on my tippy toes each day just feels silly (and they seriously slow me down) but the wedge meant they were so comfortable, I walked away feeling seriously swayed by them and the more than reasonable £65 price tag.
Finally, I have a few blazers in my wardrobe and they often complete an outfit for me, I'm not sure why but they've really become a staple and I've got my eye on this collarless cream one, also from Topshop, which has a lovely cropped back giving it a little more girly edge ~ The perfect item, just in case the weather decides to switch on us again!xo

Shift Pocket Dress @ Topshop £80
Weaved Raffia Straw Wedges @ Topshop £65
Crop Back Collarless Jacket @ Topshop £65

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

•Okay, have I been living under a rock?! I've just had a snoop around the Dorothy Perkins site and I'm not sure when they ditched their older image and got so many lovely pieces in but I'm suddenly lusting after more peplums and cute bird print trousers to suit. I love the vibrant fleuro colour of this top and if I manage to get my hands on it soon, would quite like to take it away with me on holiday as an option for an evening outfit over denim shorts and pastel shaded bodycon skirts.
It's great that DP are finally starting to challenge their sister brands Topshop and Miss Selfridge with some younger, fresher designs but what I love most is that they really do cater for us every day girls by keeping their prices lower still than a lot of women's high street stores as well as stocking a lot of their items in sizes up to 22.
I also really love this simple but stylish clutch with a dainty chain strap and pin lock, a step up from your usual zipped or envelope clutch and a perfect shade for the transitional summer/autumn period!xo

Fleuro Peplum Top £28
Pleated Bird Print Trousers £29.50
Structured Square Bag £29.50
Platform Wedges £60

Friday, 13 July 2012

•I'm feeling particularly giddy right now. Last night, I finally got to try on some of the lovely clothes I was sent by recently, having found an opportunity at long last for a night by myself to do as I wished!
The brand, a little like Boohoo and Missguided, aims to bring us catwalk and high street inspired pieces for lots less dosh - I'm sold. The box of goodies has been kindly sent to me just as the official Koopoi website has launched and I've suddenly found myself rummaging around on the site for more cool and quirky pieces I can add to my wardrobe (think printed bomber jackets with lots of attitude, polka dots on pretty peplums and platforms galore) and I had to share the love.
I've now got a list as long as my arm and at the top are the gorgeous polka dot peplum dress in aqua (£20!!!), the mint blazer with cream trim (£20 seriously?!) and the gorgeous black T-bar wedges (£30).
I thought I'd pour myself in to these animal print skinnies first to see how I could style them and I'm totally won over at how well fitted and flattering they are, definitely a nice touch to such a regular staple in my wardrobe and they need barely any styling at all, just a simple cream knit from Topshop and some Chelsea boots (a real reflection of the weather for me!).
You can see how I wore them in the pic below though sorry for the grainy bad quality, it was taken on a iPhone by my lovely friend Gem as I'm a total amateur with a camera (thank you Gem, you have the patience of a saint may I add!) and hope you all like because for £18 - I LOVE! Get yours here xo

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

•How absolutely gorgeous is it outside?! I think this is the longest the sun has shone for, for a good few weeks now and it makes such a difference! I've just been out for a stroll and noticed lots of bare legs and flip flops, and though I'm thinking that's brave for the indecisive weather, it has given me hope that perhaps the end of July or August will give us at least one or two weeks of the summer we all miss.
I'll be honest I've not had much of an opportunity to spot pick items for my Wishlist Wednesday this week as I've been so consumed by my rather expensive splurge (below) however I have noticed one or two pieces which I love.
First up, I really like this Bardot style top from Miss Selfridge and was thinking it'd look good tucked in to most of my wardrobe, especially my lemon peplum Topshop skirt (post here) with a high heel and bright clutch but it had been sold out in my size for ages, until today! So I snapped it up and went back to look at it in white, disappointingly sold out too though at least I have it in one colour ;)
I also spotted this sweater by Zoe Karssen from and though it's a little much at £95 but a girl can never have too many sweatshirts right?! Especially when they're this cute.
And I knowww I sad no more bags for a long time, but this mini bunny rabbit one caught my eye yesterday on ASOS and though there is a serious lack of festivals in my summer this year, I do think it'd be the perfect bag for the occasion!
Finally, I really don't need another pair of shorts in my life however am really liking the bold floral print on this Topshop co-ord pair, perfect with tights, boots and a big old jumper in winter, and well matched with a marl tee and wedges now that the sun is having its 15 minutes!xo

Bardot Top @ Miss Selfridge £14
Bat Sweater by Zoe Karssen @ £95
Floral Print Shorts @ Topshop £35
Rabbit Cross Body Bag @ ASOS £20

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

•Approximately half an hour after I posted about my Mulberry misery yesterday, I managed to stumble in to the Covent Garden store and accidentally buy the Alexa. I'd be feeling particularly stressed right now if it was as impulse as it sounds but actually the bag had everything that was missing from the one I picked up on Saturday in Bond St ~ It's a lot more structured, the leather is a little more matte and feels tougher, it just doesn't feel as flimsy and dare I say it, cheap.

The sales guys were so helpful here, probably an advantage as the store is teeny tiny and I was the only person in there for a while but I found they both knew so much about the bags and could've kissed them when they explained that though the Alexa has always been made of buffalo leather, the types vary and recent handbags have been a lot thinner/lighter than the originals. I'm also told I was silly for not asking to see handbags from the store room and only going on what was on the shelf, oops!

I'm totally entirely satisfied right now though I think in hindsight I should've spent longer in the store at the weekend and asked the sales assistants about the leathers etc but I'm pleased I had the time to go away and think about if I still wanted the bag and making my decision to keep searching.

I also picked up my new car at the weekend and wanted to get a lovely keyring to go on my new set of keys so picked up the leather heart for £30 instead of £60 in the sale. Cute huh?!
I think I'll stop dreaming about bags for a while now, I'm quite possibly in love with this one!xo

Monday, 9 July 2012

•I really can't hide it, my Monday morning so far is going horrifically bad and I think the fact that I'm Mulberry-less is to blame for my misery. SO, I was super excited on Saturday as I was finally going to have an Alexa in my life and I'd wanted one in forever. Right up until the moment I walked up to the bag in the Bond St store, I had all hopes set on this lovely classic satchel in oak, well that was until I picked it up and felt hugely... underwhelmed.
The bag I had in mind was structured but still a little slouchy, made from gorgeous leather with perfect attention to detail and ideal for every day use. In reality, the fact that the oak Alexa is only made from buffalo leather opposed to soft matte or calf is probably the thing I felt most disappointed with. It just didn't feel like it was worth £795, and honestly I've wanted one for so long I had to talk myself out of buying it just for the sake of it even though I felt disappointed! After mooching around the shop and trying on other bags my friend Gem and I decided to cut our losses and leave, CUE ONGOING BAD MOOD.
I'm still 100% set on an Alexa, I love Mulberry and could quite easily have bought another bag like the Tillie Tote or the Bayswater but I really didn't want to buy something that I wasn't in love with, so my hunt continues! The upside is we're almost in to the autumn/winter season and classic versions of handbags will no doubt be revamped so I'm hoping my patience will pay off. In the mean time, the only thing I can do to shift this bad mood is shop for an 'interim' bag, one that is far less expensive and high street until I get my Mulberry fix!xo

1. Leather Pushlock Satchel @ Topshop £85
2. Leather Zip Detail Satchel @ Topshop £55
3. Flap Over Bag @ River Island £40
4. Colour Block Bag @ ASOS £45

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

•At long last this weekend is in sight... I've not had much time for lust listing at all this week as I've known that essentially aside from picking up bits for my holidays I'm getting my dream Mulberry on Saturday. Now to some girls, a designer handbag is no fuss at all though I've personally always believed a girl should have an amazing ivestment piece in the handbag category (as well as the shoes department) so this is all a bit exciting for me and I'm sorry but you'll have to excuse me whilst I flap about it for a few weeks months...
Also really excited as I finally will be picking up my new car after my trusty 10 year old Beetle decided to die an untimely death recently!
I'll be sure to post some pics on Twitter, Pinterest (@grlseeksfashion) and no doubt Instagram (girlseeksfashion) too just so I'm able to gloat on all various levels of social networking ;) Feel free to take a peak and let me know what your favourite Mulberry picks are so I can add them to my evergrowing list of 'needs' for the future!xo

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