Tuesday, 10 July 2012

•Approximately half an hour after I posted about my Mulberry misery yesterday, I managed to stumble in to the Covent Garden store and accidentally buy the Alexa. I'd be feeling particularly stressed right now if it was as impulse as it sounds but actually the bag had everything that was missing from the one I picked up on Saturday in Bond St ~ It's a lot more structured, the leather is a little more matte and feels tougher, it just doesn't feel as flimsy and dare I say it, cheap.

The sales guys were so helpful here, probably an advantage as the store is teeny tiny and I was the only person in there for a while but I found they both knew so much about the bags and could've kissed them when they explained that though the Alexa has always been made of buffalo leather, the types vary and recent handbags have been a lot thinner/lighter than the originals. I'm also told I was silly for not asking to see handbags from the store room and only going on what was on the shelf, oops!

I'm totally entirely satisfied right now though I think in hindsight I should've spent longer in the store at the weekend and asked the sales assistants about the leathers etc but I'm pleased I had the time to go away and think about if I still wanted the bag and making my decision to keep searching.

I also picked up my new car at the weekend and wanted to get a lovely keyring to go on my new set of keys so picked up the leather heart for £30 instead of £60 in the sale. Cute huh?!
I think I'll stop dreaming about bags for a while now, I'm quite possibly in love with this one!xo


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