Wednesday, 4 July 2012

•At long last this weekend is in sight... I've not had much time for lust listing at all this week as I've known that essentially aside from picking up bits for my holidays I'm getting my dream Mulberry on Saturday. Now to some girls, a designer handbag is no fuss at all though I've personally always believed a girl should have an amazing ivestment piece in the handbag category (as well as the shoes department) so this is all a bit exciting for me and I'm sorry but you'll have to excuse me whilst I flap about it for a few weeks months...
Also really excited as I finally will be picking up my new car after my trusty 10 year old Beetle decided to die an untimely death recently!
I'll be sure to post some pics on Twitter, Pinterest (@grlseeksfashion) and no doubt Instagram (girlseeksfashion) too just so I'm able to gloat on all various levels of social networking ;) Feel free to take a peak and let me know what your favourite Mulberry picks are so I can add them to my evergrowing list of 'needs' for the future!xo


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