Wednesday, 26 September 2012

•After months of ‘will it be sunny, will it not’ and ‘should I wear tights or should I not’ (all relevant, moral debates),  I think we can all finally accept that summer is a season past and autumn and winter are at each other’s throats for who will reach us first. 
I for one am freezing and subsequently have a full blown cold on the way, just what I wanted in time for the weekend and payday! I did have a list as long as my arm to shop for including some new seasonal bits for work, a few more dresses for Dubai which is only a month or so away and a party dress for my dad’s 50th birthday but instead of hitting the shops, I’m going sit in bed all weekend and order away to my heart’s content through the magic of the internet!
On top of my Wishlist this week is this lovely denim shirt dress from Topshop with pretty stud detailing, which has sold out several times online and has been a nightmare to track down in shops! No surprise there as it’s a definitely one for the cold weather when paired with thick tights (M&S, always M&S – best tights ever), a pair of tan Chelsea boots (sob sob, still looking for my perfect pair) and a chunky knit cardie or jumper thrown over the top.
I do intend on venturing out for a little bit on Saturday evening and whilst I’d love to play dress up, this is my ideal outfit for looking nice but casual!xo

Turquoise and coral gold plated ring @ £42
Faux leather phone sleeve @ Topshop £8
Studded denim shirt dress @ Topshop £55
Printed crop jumper @ River Island £25
Metallic ballet flats @ ASOS £25

Friday, 21 September 2012

•London Fashion Week was a chance, in my opinion, for the most fashion forward city in all the land to showcase some of the most talented, exciting and pioneering designers and their collections to the rest of the world – And boy did we deliver! As with my NYFW post, here are my personal highlights from the week that brought back the 90s, made Goths sexy again, proved that prints are here to stay and placed Harry Styles front row at Burberry, bloody amazing!…xo

Electrical tape, nuts and bolts and err, pretty feminine bows. Nobody does eclectic quite like Christopher Kane who was most definitely channelling Frankenstein at his SS13 show this week. Considering the boyish touches, the colour palette was mainly whites with dusky pinks and lemony yellows making an appearance on lightly embellished dresses, transparent overlays and leather biker jackets which were embossed with quilted rose prints and detailing. Mr. Kane always manages to add a little crazy to his work and I particularly love the use of sticky tape, achievable for anyone willing to ‘ruin’ an outfit… I'm speed walking to WH Smith right now.

Marios Schwab took on every look from tribal to goth to nature and bumblebees for his SS13 collection this week, and he won! Sheer blouses and pleated dresses were given a tough edge with bold chains whilst leather harnesses (this is starting to sound like Fifty Shades...) and strips of raffia were worn over skintight cycling shorts that sparkled with Swarovski crystals. An iconic honeycomb print featured on some knits as well as tulle skirts and along with several floaty dresses, helped soften the otherwise dark palette, confirming that Marios is still up there as one of the most versatile and challenging designers of our time.

The line sheet at the Henry Holland show read a little something like this: “The House of Holland girl has
developed an attitude problem. Inspirations: grunge, glamour and glory; the 90s–fashion’s forgotten decade.” There is no denying I dig this right here! I’ve seriously been fighting the urge to throw bleach over my jeans, cut my tops in half, dig out my jelly shoes and dip dye everything I find! HoH delivered a genuinely true accolade to my fave decade past (to be fair the only one I actually remember) and I love that everything was as bold, brassy, clashing and mismatched as I knew it to be! If it wasn’t amazing enough, the soundtrack included the incredibly cool “Groove Is In the Heart”by Dee-Lite – Stop. It!

Garden gnomes upon a fairytale garden setting, nothing expresses Mulberry's quintessentially English ethos better! I loved the attention to detail this year with tiny, unique flowers decorated around the branches of the iconic Mulberry tree and a cutesy gecko print which was present on many a piece of the collection, including on the classic handbags. There was a sexy, slouchy, natural feel to the pieces which gave a nod to the effortless style of the 60s, all whilst showing off the innovative, inspiring yet classic fashion Mulberry are so well known for. Creative Director Emma Hill is an amazing story teller (giant ice creams on Brighton Pier for SS12 and ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ for AW12) and as random as this may sound, I'd quite like to have her read me a bed time story, this is all.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

•Well, it's official. Giving in to tights and my coat this morning definitely means that autumn is here! I can't say I'm too happy about it seeing as there was a serious lack of sunshine this summer but autumn is one of my fave times of the year and I love clearing out my wardrobes ready for months of warm clothes, cosyness and layering. There are a few items I'd like to add to my autumn/winter wardrobe (as ever) which are currently missing and I do think they will do a good job in giving the jumpers et al that I already have a much needed seasonal update, so here goes...

The first on my Wishlist is this high waisted leather biker skirt from All Saints which is completely wearable with everything from sheer blouses over printed bralets to plaid shirts and Angora sweaters. There is one downside, and as ever with All Saints, it's definitely the price. £175 for a skirt I'll crack out from weekend to weekend doesn't seem just and though it is likely I'll bite the bullet eventually, for now I'm going to keep my options open and look for PU copy.

Second up, I'm really liking this bright yellow cropped jumper from Espirit and don't have anything remotely similar in my wardrobe which is attracting me to it even more! It's perfect for layering over vests and skinny jeans and definitely a match for the All Saints skirt if and when I end up feeling particularly brave.

I tend to look to more neutral tones when picking make up around this time of year and though it's a colour I've never tried before, I'm a really big fan of this earthy brown/deep red shade of lipstick from Dolce & Gabbana which is also on the list this week. Though I usually feel nervous playing around with shades and styles that I'm not used to, I'd love to try this lipstick along with feline eyeliner flicks!

Last on the list are these stackable rings from H&M - I love the rose gold ring A LOT though for £2.99 I predict they'll last a week at most without turning my fingers green?! What's on your lust lists this week?xo

Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in Ultra @ £25
Leather skirt @ All Saints £175
Yellow crop jumper @ Espirit £65
Stacking rings @ H&M £2.99

Monday, 17 September 2012

WAH. On Saturday, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending Jeffrey Michael’s debut show for London Fashion Week as a guest of, who rather excitingly had some of their gorgeous heels featured throughout the show.
Taking place in the grand ballroom of Goldsmith’s Hall in St Paul’s, the setting alone was amazing, with crystal chandeliers and high ceilings vibrating to the super cool sound of Kanye West and charged with the kind of buzzy, electric atmosphere you’d expect from LFW.

The line sheet read a little something like this:

“This collection, titled ‘From the Water’, features an inspired 19 look collection referencing the initial inspiration of a woman emerging from the waves and sea foam on the midnight beach. The pieces there reflect materiality abstracted and collected from the sandy beaches of England, and showcase a signature Jeffrey Michael triangle print through some of the key pieces.
The woman of this collection is a savvy fashionista, who is glamorous and very flirty. The women who have inspired the collection include Daphne Guinness, Marilyn Monroe and Katherine Middleton. Their grace, poise and consciousness of fashion and its layered changeable nature are reflected in the match between serious couture garments and fun, flirty separate pieced skirts, leggings and wearable denim couture pieces.”

My standalone favourite items of the day were the ocean blue origami triangles which were laser cut on to corset tops, the box pleated skirts in firey shades of red and the big and bold fuchsia pink wedges by koopoi which the models walked in so elegantly. JM also showcased his debut sunglasses range along with his collection which were primarily in the classic bug eye style and very Jacky O.

I didn’t expect for the show to be over in such a flash (Fashion Week virgin over here) but I was completely overwhelmed by the day and left feeling like I needed to blag/break my way in to another show before the week was over! What a surreal experience and a bit of a dream come true though! A big massive huge cheesy grin and thanks to koopoi for my invite, I think I’ll be eternally grateful! Phew, too much excitement for a Monday, need to sit down.

Here are some pics I took on the day and also a link to where you can view professional photos from the collection, enjoy!

Jeremy Michael SS13, production by My Beautiful Fashion

Gorgeous Models!
... & Some More!

What's a girl to wear to her first London Fashion Week show?!

I decided on studded Koopoi pumps, peach shorts by Topshop, an owl print Zara blouse and my trustee leather jacket by Asos. My sunglasses are H&M and I'm carrying the Mulberry Alexa.
Zinzi from Koopoi, love the FSAugusta diffusion necklace!

Accesories and yet more love for these Koopi killer heels!

Friday, 14 September 2012

New York Fashion Week, in fact, any kinda fashion week (especially London) is my absolute favourite time of the year. There’s always such an excited buzz on blogs and in magazines and it’s quite hard to keep up with who’s wearing what, who’s front row and who slapped who – FYI, this time it was a PR girl who was on the receiving end of an editor’s rage over the seating arrangements at Zac Posen and was told ‘Don’t fuck with the French’. SO, not wanting to miss anything I usually scrapbook a few of my favourite shows as bit of a hobby. Yes I still scrapbook, yes I am 24, what of it?
This time around I thought I’d throw my notes and images from the shows/collections I’ve loved the most at you all to see what you think and will probably do the same for LFW next week too. I hope you enjoy reading!xo

Victoria Beckham’s SS13 collection delivered everything from clean lines, pointy collars and stiff skirts to silk shirts and trousers with a slouch. A real mix of her strong signature style was present, along with added flirt in the shape of lingerie detailing. I love that all of VB’s collections so far have stayed true to the essence of luxury and quality with twists and turns on glamour, versatility and simplicity every season, raising a perfectly manicured skinny middle finger to anyone who ever doubted her worth and longevity in fashion. OK, fan girl moment finished.

Sports Luxe. Two words I’ve never been too sure about, probably as the image they conjure up resembles that of a girl in jogging bottoms and heels, which is never going to work. What is working however is Proenza Schouler’s collection, featuring boxy shoulders, oversized everything, studs, neon and leather. Hmm, doesn’t sound too much like Spring/Summer does it? Well, taking mix and match to a whole new level, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez also steered away from the grunge and showed off feminine chiffon dresses with digital prints in array of colours and flattering cuts for the faint hearted amongst us. You could officially say that I’m won over!

Old school glamour, vintage and romance spring to mind when flicking through images of Zac Posen’s collection. I love the softness of his designs, each dress prettier and more detailed than the next, some more elaborate and dramatic than others. For most of the time the skirts stayed below the knees, the shoulders were covered in capped sleeves and the necklines were sweetheart. The rest of the time, tight bodices made the models look like they were fit to burst and Coco Rocha made an appearance as Belle from Beauty and the Beast… Maybe.

I am practically in love with Phillip Lim’s 3.1 collection for SS13 and want to hug my 9 year old self and tell her that she wasn’t a loser after all for her love of patchwork patterns, knotting shirts around her waist and baggy dungarees.  The consensus at the show was a lot more street than some of the cocktail dresses and tailoring Lim is so well known for but the grungey, young and deconstructed feel he achieved was also a breath of fresh air. Not to be mistaken for a one trend pony, Lim also introduced plenty of floral prints and denim for his more traditional fans. Anyway, who currs,  I’m off to make peace with my childhood.

All images from

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

•Rihanna's new hair has been a topic of discussion on quite a few blogs and vlogs this past week after her performance at the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony, with most girls contemplating whether her boyish pixie crop would suit them or not and just how long it would take to grow it out should it be done on impulse/when drunk/if persuaded (this may just be me?!). Personally I know it would be a no go due to the rather sad fact that sticky out ears run in my family and even putting my hair up in to a pony tail or bun is a trauma at times, boooo!
No love lost there though, because even if I can't achieve the hair, I can definitely achieve the look with her chic 'Celine' tee that I happened to spy on Etsy for just £12 today (of course it's a copy, the real thing would be far more expensive) and had to add to my Wishlist Wednesday.
I think Rihanna does 'dressed down' very well and I love how she's paired her tee with boyfriend jeans, chunky jewellery and a pair of flats, keeping the foundations of her outfit simple but still making a statement.
All this look needs to go from day to night is the addition of a sharp black tux jacket, stand out heels (with a point to elongate the feet where the rolled up/cuffed jeans cut off) and a bright clutch for a little pop of colour et voila, day to night in an instant!xo

Celine tee @ Etsy £12
Boyfriend jeans @ River Island £45
'Mail me to Miami' clutch @ £22
Metal feather necklace @ £11
Leather pointed pumps @ Zara £49.99

Thursday, 6 September 2012

•It was some time ago now that I read about the OPI South Beach Collection and distinctly remember 'OPI on Collins Ave' jumping out at me form the pages of the glossy magazine. By coincidence, I popped in to a salon in town last weekend and whilst picking my colour for my mani/pedi I spotted the bright tangerine tango shade on the shelf and decided to give it a go.
The South Beach Collection had a spring/summer 2009 debut and features shades "that capture the colour, fashion, and the trend-setting excitement from the world's most stylish celeb playground" - perfect for moi I thought!
Five days in and I'm still chip free, with no fade on the vibrancy or gloss that OPI is so well known for what so ever. I'm currently ordering it online as we speak (link) so that I can keep this bold and beautiful, orange / meets coral / meets red / meets pink shade on my fingers and toes for just that little bit longer! Or at least until the sun hides away again and I reach for my autumnal collection of polishes!xo

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Seems my Wishlist Wednesday this week knows no limit or budget and I’ve been away with the fairies, wistfully planning my outfit for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out party tomorrow night at Mahiki. If I’m being real, my ensemble will no doubt be high street head to toe with a few luxury accessories thrown in, though what I’d really like are these gorgeous print shorts from Thakoon and Dalmatian calf hair ankle boots from Jeffrey Campbell!
There are a few things in my wardrobe that I’ve bought recently and not had an opportunity to wear though it seems to be roasting out and they’re more for the autumn so in fear of being a serial outfit repeater I think I may have to have a sneaky shop at lunch time to see if I can find a last minute outfit.
For one night only the stores on Bond St and Sloane St will throw open their doors after dark tomorrow for beauty treatments, cocktails, music, fashion shows and freebies and I’m so excited to be attending with some of my closest friends, before shooting off for yet more cocktails at Mahiki. The pressure is on to find a nicer than average outfit and I haven’t left myself too much time at all so please fire away any suggestions you may have in the comments box below and HELP xo

Moschino Cheap & Chic tee @ £245
Cat clutch bag @ ASOS £18
Thakoon paisley print shorts @ £305
Loza boots by Jeffrey Campbell @ £140

Monday, 3 September 2012

•A little while ago I blogged about being new to Pinterest and my obsession with the site that allows you to create moodboards and go wild with your imagination. Since then, I've been using it for everything from ideas on how to decorate, tips on hair and make up, fashion and fitness inspiration and more. As a similar feat. to the 'week in pictures' posts that I do with Istagram every now and again, I thought I'd do an entry dedicated to Pinterest and show you all what I've been pinning this week... Do you use Pinterest, if so, what do you use it most for?xo

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