Friday, 14 September 2012

New York Fashion Week, in fact, any kinda fashion week (especially London) is my absolute favourite time of the year. There’s always such an excited buzz on blogs and in magazines and it’s quite hard to keep up with who’s wearing what, who’s front row and who slapped who – FYI, this time it was a PR girl who was on the receiving end of an editor’s rage over the seating arrangements at Zac Posen and was told ‘Don’t fuck with the French’. SO, not wanting to miss anything I usually scrapbook a few of my favourite shows as bit of a hobby. Yes I still scrapbook, yes I am 24, what of it?
This time around I thought I’d throw my notes and images from the shows/collections I’ve loved the most at you all to see what you think and will probably do the same for LFW next week too. I hope you enjoy reading!xo

Victoria Beckham’s SS13 collection delivered everything from clean lines, pointy collars and stiff skirts to silk shirts and trousers with a slouch. A real mix of her strong signature style was present, along with added flirt in the shape of lingerie detailing. I love that all of VB’s collections so far have stayed true to the essence of luxury and quality with twists and turns on glamour, versatility and simplicity every season, raising a perfectly manicured skinny middle finger to anyone who ever doubted her worth and longevity in fashion. OK, fan girl moment finished.

Sports Luxe. Two words I’ve never been too sure about, probably as the image they conjure up resembles that of a girl in jogging bottoms and heels, which is never going to work. What is working however is Proenza Schouler’s collection, featuring boxy shoulders, oversized everything, studs, neon and leather. Hmm, doesn’t sound too much like Spring/Summer does it? Well, taking mix and match to a whole new level, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez also steered away from the grunge and showed off feminine chiffon dresses with digital prints in array of colours and flattering cuts for the faint hearted amongst us. You could officially say that I’m won over!

Old school glamour, vintage and romance spring to mind when flicking through images of Zac Posen’s collection. I love the softness of his designs, each dress prettier and more detailed than the next, some more elaborate and dramatic than others. For most of the time the skirts stayed below the knees, the shoulders were covered in capped sleeves and the necklines were sweetheart. The rest of the time, tight bodices made the models look like they were fit to burst and Coco Rocha made an appearance as Belle from Beauty and the Beast… Maybe.

I am practically in love with Phillip Lim’s 3.1 collection for SS13 and want to hug my 9 year old self and tell her that she wasn’t a loser after all for her love of patchwork patterns, knotting shirts around her waist and baggy dungarees.  The consensus at the show was a lot more street than some of the cocktail dresses and tailoring Lim is so well known for but the grungey, young and deconstructed feel he achieved was also a breath of fresh air. Not to be mistaken for a one trend pony, Lim also introduced plenty of floral prints and denim for his more traditional fans. Anyway, who currs,  I’m off to make peace with my childhood.

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