Christmas Time...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

•Have you all had a good Christmas?! I think together with my birthday this has definitely, in memory, been one of my merriest years and I'm still doing my best to long out the lazy days of strategic Quality Street munching in my pyjamas to the best of my ability.

I've spent the period with Chris and his family in a tiny village near Spalding in Lincolnshire this year (where his parents live) as my family have gone away for their yearly spot of winter sun to Cyprus and though I was beginning to have some regrets over missing out on sun and sea again, I've loved being all cosied up with board games, films and family time.

On Christmas Eve Chris and I took a venture to the nearest town to finish off our shopping and decided last minute after a champagne lunch that we'd watch Life of Pi at the cute independent cinema across town. Best decision ever I'd say, the film was genuinely touching and even though it has no Christmas references the sentiment of the story is very much a reminder of what this time of year is about. I cry at everything (the Google daddy daughter advert? I sobbed. X Factor auditions? Gets me every time) but I don't want to ruin the film for anyone wanting to watch it so will wrap this post up by saying that I came away reminded that it's not what's under your tree, but who's around it that matters, and all the extras and niceties that come with the day are just really a lovely bonus.

I hope you all had an amazing day and have everything you wished for! Here are a few Instagram pics from the last few days, you can follow me on @girlseeksfashion xo

My lovely friends getting in the Christmas spirit!
Secret Santa givings :)
Champagne and marshmellows, faves!
Chris and I at a wedding at the weekend x

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!
A huge box from Chris, when I opened it a balloon flew out and I had to open lots of boxes to reveal a small envelope which had tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Dublin and flight details inside - Soo happy!
Matching Christmas jumpers.
Bloody amazing present, someone knows me well!

My honey and me x
Snuggled watching Christmas films!
Indulging some more...
A Boxing Day drive to the seaside for fresh air and walks, perfect :)

For The Love Of Self Gifting

Thursday, 20 December 2012

•I'm not sure quite how this happened. Somewhere between chugging mulled wine, shopping for presents on auto pilot and wrapping gifts in glitter (and getting it everywhere), I've managed to go almost three weeks in December without really spending any money and buying myself much at all. I know Christmas is a time for giving and I love gifting things in general, but I suddenly feel a little bit sorry for myself and am taking an attempt at making myself feel better by pretty much going out of my way to look for things to buy.

There's obviously lots going in the next week, starting for me with a wedding this weekend, then my 25th birthday, followed by Christmas and NYE fun all in the pipeline. Now I'm not short of 'going out' clothes but I have felt recently that my day to day wardrobe is lacking a little inspiration and so I've made it my mission to look for some versatile pieces to hang in my wardrobe that will distract me from the knits and dresses with tights that I seem to be living in this winter! Here's what's on my hit list today:

Boy Scouts Sweat by Zoe Karssen @ £95
Stud Sleeve Grey Jumper @ Romwe £35
Pink Cable Knit @ £55
Cambridge Satchel @ ASOS £120
High Waisted Jamie Jeans @ Topshop £49
Chunky Heel Ankle Boots @ AX Paris £36

Happy Birthday To Me

Monday, 17 December 2012

•Over excited post alert! Some of you know (...not that I talk about it a lot) that my birthday is on Christmas Eve and I don't always get to celebrate on the day with all of my friends and family so tend to plan a get together early on in December...
Well rather amazingly for me, Chris had planned four step by step surprises over the weekend, each in a letter with a time to be opened, and I've had what can easily be described as the best birthday in the history of me.
Sorry for the picture heavy post, funnily enough I don't think I really got many except for the Saturday night when we all got together (at the Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch for Dim Sum and cocktails) but from a morning of pampering to afternoon tea in Mayfair with my two best friends, the lovely room we stayed in at the Montcalm at the Brewery and then tickets to see the Lion King in theatre, it has been totally incredible and I just had to share! Of course you follow me on Twitter @grlseeksfashion or Instagram @girlseeksfashion you will have seen some of these already, sorry again - I'm sure I'll get over how unbelievable all this was eventually and calm down!xo

My first letter with details of appointments for a blow dry and manicure
Afternoon tea at Hush in Mayfair
The pretty Christmas tree in the hotel lobby

My friend Gem and moi
Birthday biscuits from the Biscuiteers, yummy!
Delicious macaroons
The Montcalm at Brewery on Old Street
Winter wonderland at the hotel
Champagne in the room whilst we get ready
Gem, Jodie and I
Chris and I
Gorgeous friends Sarah and Steve
More gorgeous friends
And some more

Light Bar pre Drunken Monkey
My lovely girls, in on the surprise I believe!
Forcing people in to pictures...
Chris and I again x

Oreo shakes at Byron
Being hungover fatties
Lion King at theatre, took me forever to see it but it was brilliant!
Blowing the candles on my cupcakes :)

Soap & Glory - Kick Ass Concealer

Sunday, 9 December 2012

•It'll come as no surprise that as your average twenty something beauty and fashion obsessed girl, I'm always on the look out for new products to use that will improve any beautifying regime I may have in place. For some time now I've been loyal to base / skin make up from MAC but have also been conscious that I spend a lot of money on products that I like (and trust in) without giving much else a try, so it was with this in mind that I decided to cheat on my Pro Longwear Concealer (in NW25) for something a little less expensive.

First of all, I think it was the packaging that did it. I'm a sucker for anything that comes in an attractive box and has a catchy name so this Kick Ass Concealer by Soap & Glory pretty much had me at hello. Second of all, for £10 I really felt like I was getting a good deal as you're kinda getting three products in one compact, now who doesn't like to feel like they're getting a freebie?

The Kick Ass Concealer is 'a three piece flaw camouflage kit' which consists of an under eye brightening concealer with 'puff ease', a superwear lightscramble face concealer and concealer sealing translucent powder with 'insta fix'. Sounds pretty kick ass so far no?!

I've found the the consistency to be lovely and have genuinely marvelled on every occasion that I've used this so far! Both the under eye and general concealer are a lightweight mix of creamyness and mousse-like texture (it feels a lot like Boing by Benefit) which applies evenly over my MAC Prep + Prime Skin Primer and pretty much stays put throughout my day. I picked mine up in 'Medium' (it also comes in 'Light') and think the tones have really suited my medium skin tone. The under eye concealer (handily labelled as Step 1 on the compact) counteracts the purpley tones sleeplessness seems to bring on leaving me look bright eyed (and awake) and the face concealer (labelled Step 2) effectively covers the blemishes or pimples I suffer with every so often and since it's been so cold out that's been rather a regular thing! Step 3 is a translucent settling powder which comes with a tiny sponge and sets the whole look in place, making sure my coverage stays smudge free all day.

Overall, I think I may be guilty of turning my back on my MAC Pro Longwear but this compact is such a great product, so cute, easy to use and carry plus so handy with it's little mirror, I just don't think I can justify paying more and getting less again! Do you use any of Soap & Glory's make up products? I'd love to try more so please pop your recommendations below!xo

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