Be Back Soon

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hey everyone! Hope you're all great! I've been quiet on the blog for what seems like ages now and am only just getting round to this brief post, but I just wanted to let you know I'd be taking some time out from posting whilst recovering at home from a recent operation I've had.
To cut (excuse the bad pun) the long story short, I had a pretty horrid accident with a sharp knife whilst making dinner one night last week and it has resulted in me having an op to reconnect my digital nerves and repair a punctured artery in my ring finger on my left hand. A totally painful, upsetting and quite honestly inconvenient thing to happen which will result in months of therapy to regain full feelings / functions of my poorly hand but hey, it isn't all bad and it definitely could have been worse!
I'm currently recovering at home and have had so many lovely visitors who have brought flowers and treats which has really made me feel better and I'm hopeful I'll be back to normal really soon. Until then, lots of love to you all xoxo

The Forecast Today Is Fashion

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

•What better way to welcome in 2013 than to embrace all the trends coming up this spring / summer! Yes I know it's snowing, but I am doing my best to ignore the flurry outside my window right now, as I can't express how much I dislike it without sounding like a grouch. I'm over winter and I'm fully ready for the newness this year has to bring with the most exciting thing of all being that my favourite trends for SS are easy to wear, style and copy from the high street... Here are a few of my most loved trends of the season //

Graphic Prints :

Small and cutesy polka dots or loud florals clashing with animal prints?! Depending on how brave you are, graphic prints are the perfect way of incorporating a little excitement in to your wardrobe if bold statement pieces don't hang in there! I seriously hope the high street looks to Holly Fulton for inspiration as her fun and flirty prints featured on everything from pencil skirts to raincoats this year. Gorgeous to wear and so appealing to the eye.

Butterfly Tribal Dress @ Warehouse £65
Floral Shirt Dress @ Topshop £48
Mix and Match Shift Dress @ Topshop £58

90s Nostalgia :

I love this era (see link for proof). It was all over the catwalks last year and I'm really excited to see how the high street will interpret the bold and bright trend again! Roll neck crops and slogan tees have already made an appearance in Topshop and dip dye is slowly popping up again so I'll be excited to see if bleaching makes a return on double denims and if it's finally acceptable to dig out my jelly shoes again.

Cropped Sweater by Tea & Cake @ Topshop £30
Acid Wash Skinnies @ New Look £22.99
Metallic Sneakers @ H&M £14.99
60s Swing :

A-Line dresses, shifts and Peter Pan collars. Let's be honest, the 60s didn't really ever leave us but I love that the trend will be back with a vengeance this year, with button down blouses and pencil skirts featuring heavily in shops like River Island and Primark already. It'll be exciting to see what twist is added to the simple but always effective mod con trend and I predict lots of saturated colours, short hemlines and boxy shapes. Beehive = a necessity.

Stripe Knit With Bead Collar by Gryphon @ £237
Okay, the price on this isn't very high street at all but I love it! And it can be easily achieved with a copy cat knit from Primark and a gold collar necklace!
Kimmy Boots @ Monki £50
A - L ine Zipped Skirt @ Topshop £15 (sale price)

"But if I kiss you, will your mouth read this truth?"

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

•Eeep, it's been so long since I last posted! I'm sure that blogging more should have been one of my NY resolutions but I'm so busy at the moment that that old thing called life tends to get in the way meaning I can't dedicate proper time to my page. Anyway, thank you all for still checking in and reading what I've got to say, it really is the main thing which makes blogging worthwhile.

I'm back on track this week with a Wishlist Wednesday, which has been accumulating for some time but now that most of the sales are out of shops and there are lots of new pieces coming in, I'm quite excited to make some new purchases for upcoming events, nights out and weekends away!
I'm off to Dublin this weekend to see Ed Sheeran and I'm beyond excited. I wanted to see him on tour all through out last year but never managed to get tickets and + is one of my fave albums EVER so I was a little bit sad about missing the boat on seeing him perform live... Until Christmas day when I opened a gazillion small boxes inside a huge box from Chris to find an envelope with flight details and tour tickets inside... Life made!

So my WW this week mainly revolves around easy to wear seperates which are dressy enough to wear to the gig without being too OTT but also do make me feel as though I've made a nice effort, all whilst being comfy as I should imagine there'll be lots of exploring to be done! I especially love the speckled tee shirt dress from Topshop (in gorgeous forrest green - my colour of the moment) which has been released in varying styles now but will look lovely with a patterned pair of tights (I like this cute pair A LOT), a smart black blazer, bold jewellery and tan boots. Et voila, think I'm good to go!xo

1 / Bee Print Blouse @ Warehouse £30
2 / Faceted Bead Bib Necklace @ Jaeger £60
3 / Speckled Tee Dress @ Topshop £26
4 / Leigh Jeans in Wine @ Topshpo £38
5 / Leather Strap World Watch @ Urban Outfitters £24
6 / Leopard Buckle Belt @ Zara £12
7 / Horrigan Ankle Boots - H By Hudson @ Office £145

2013... Let's Do This.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

•Hey my loves! Happy 2013 to you all! I hope you had an amazing night celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of another year with your loved ones but hopefully none of you are feeling quite as drained as I am today. On top of the severe hangover (damn you Jaeger) and zero sleep, I've also done my fair share of driving and spent no way near enough time in bed so I've certainly felt better and looked a helluva lot better too... Sigh.

Anyway, I thought I'd jump on the blogging bandwagon and do a short round up of my resolutions for the New Year as well as a summery of the past 12 months so here goes...

Number 1 // Save save save.

This is totally boring and responsible by my standards but I can genuinely say I freak out a little when I think about the fact that I've spent as I've earned for all of my working life. I have no regrets in a sense that I've had some incredible experiences over the past few years and racked up so many air miles visiting places like New York, Las Vegas and Dubai as well as getting a new car and having lots of mini breaks and road trips, but I really do think this year has to be the year that I knuckle down. My aim is to have at least £3,000 by the 31st of December 2013, which with a little will power is more than doable but I can't promise I'll be able to reign in my shopping habit (which is verging on out of control) so I'm trying to keep it relatively real too... Eek, no pressure.
Number 2 // Record more memories.
I take pictures of everything. I'm the girl at the table that takes pictures of food and drink or things in shops that I like. But other than the obligatory drunken photos on nights out with friends or Chris I really don't feel like I take enough with the important people in my life such as my niece and nephew or my parents. It's a sad thought but pictures are the only things left to look back on when children grow up or loved ones pass away and there are literally albums upon albums of me and my brother when we were growing up which make me so happy, so I really want to ditch the notion of taking pictures on my iPhone and make an effort to print pictures off and put them in to albums so that I have something I can pick up and flick through when I need cheering up!
Number 3 // Worry less.

Chris will vouch for this, I'm a worrier. I find myself losing sleep over what seems minuscule the next day and am always wondering if I could I have done more / done that thing differently. I really need to learn to let more go, take less to heart and remember that worrying never solves or even remotely improves a situation but positive thinking does and that it's okay to not have all the answers ALL of the time.

Number 4 // Learn more.

I love learning. I'm a bit of a knowledge junkie and though I definitely can't claim to know lots about all the things I'm interested in, I really do want to commit myself to learning something entirely new in 2013. I'm thinking a language and leaning towards Spanish at the moment, though I'm totally sucked in by doing another styling course at London College of Fashion too. Maybe I'll marry the two and just become a Spanish speaking stylist?! Hell why not, I really want 2013 to be a progressive year so there's room for lots of new challenges...

2012 Round Up //

Wow, what a year. I can honestly say this year has been one of the most up and down and low and high years of my life. 2011 had ended badly for me personally and lots of negative emotions from a tough year had seeped in to 2012 and seemingly effected a lot of my relationships. It's hard to pin point why life goes a way you never thought possible and why certain things happen but I think the most important thing in life is learning a lesson from a misjudgement or mistake and becoming a better person because of it.
My highlights have included two brilliant girly holidays to Egypt and Ibiza, a weekend in Istanbul and a week in Cyprus visiting family plus a good friend's wedding in Dubai. I've had some amazing nights out with my circle of girls, met some lovely bloggers and made so many new friends, had many fun adventures with Chris (my birthday surprises being top of the list) and ended it all with a great Christmas.
It's been a year I won't forget for so many reasons but it's definitely one I'm ready to leave behind. Today is the blank page of a whole new chapter, are you ready to write some more memories?!xo


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